A combo....

Just made a cool combo

Bit Beast: Metal Driger
Attack Ring: 8 Spiker
Weight Disk: 10 Heavy
Spin Gear: Basic Right Gear
Blade Base: SG Semi-Flat Base

I made this blade because it can take heavy impact and can stay spinning for a long time. He just won a 3 way battle against Driger MS and Magical Ape. Go Combo! Go!Joyful_2
We had to stop playing because it started to rain. Unhappy
3-ways do not conclude anything. And why are you using a left spin AR in right spin?
Post all of your parts please.
I've posted my parts on 'Putting HMC in a SG Semi-Flat Base and Driger L, but here it goes again!:

Metal Driger Cross Spiker
Master Driger Knight Claws Ring
Dragoon G 8 Spiker

10 Heavy
10 Wide
8 Wide

Heavy Metal Gear (Right Spin)
Engine Gear (Left Spin)
Right Spin Gear (Normal V-force one)

First Cluch Base X2
SG Semi-Flat Base
Sorry that I have few blades...getting some MFB soon
I have read your list of parts so many times I might kill myself. Seriously, they're in like every thread. Can't you just post in the 'build a combo' thread and be done with it? D:
good point there shall we lock this?
A bad plastic combo beat a mediocre HMS and another HMS...