A Message to the Staff - Thanks for the Memories

It's been quite a while since I have a really been a member of this site. I tried coming back a few times even after I lost interest in the hobby, but I just never stuck around. Regardless, I wanted to show my appreciation to the staff, especially Kai-V.

The WBO has done so much for me. It all started when I was in middle school, I had an account on the official Bakugan forums. I made some interesting friends on there, and one of them was a major fan of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblades. During one of our discussions I found out about Metal Fight Beyblade being out in Japan, and I thought it looked so cool. He told me about the WBO and how everybody here was into the new series, and I joined.
During this time, there wasn't really any word on Metal Fight Beyblade getting dubbed. I remember there were a few episodes subbed by some fans (Enough to finish the first arch of the series), so I watched them and fell in love. After that I watched raw episodes until the end of the first season. I started season 2, but I stopped after a few episodes because I just couldn't find the time to watch it. Shortly after season 2 premiered, the season 1 dub began to air in America. If I remember correctly, this was around June 2010.

When I first joined the WBO, I was actually afraid of the staff.I used to use texting talk online, so my grammar was carp. I saw how strict they were to people who made posts like that, so I thoroughly checked over my posts before hitting the submit button. I remember I would always think to myself "Is this post going to get me a warning?". It was a lot more strict than the Bakugan forums (Where anything went, as long as it was child appropriate).
After I began making better posts, I wasn't all that afraid of the staff anymore. I began trying (Not succeeding) to have conversations with Kai-V through PM, but she was too cool. Somewhere along that line, I wanted to be part of the staff. It never happened, but that was something that stuck with me over time. After I left WBO, I was a staff member on several other types of forums. I moderated anime forums, video game forums, and I even began to report news on a small Nintendo blog.

Around the end of May the Nintendo blog I was writing for went down for a short period of time in hopes to improve, and I left my position. I still enjoyed reporting on video game-related news, so I sought out a new position.

Here we are today, I just began writing for Oprainfall. If it wasn't for the great staff here at WBO, I wouldn't have gotten this opportunity. Many of the staff from the days when I was a member have resigned, but wherever they are now, I'm sure they're doing great. You guys are a very inspiring bunch, and I'm glad I got the chance to converse with all of you. Thank you for making the WBO an enjoyable experience, and thank you for keeping this hobby alive.

Wow! I love this. I wish you good luck.
I am not the best conversation 'maintainer', but we did share several dozens of messages, hah. I hope your life will be up to your expectations as much as possible.
This was a great read. I remember when you came back for a couple months in 2012 and I remember looking up to you, haha. Glad this place has been a great memory to you as much as it has been to so many others.

Good luck with the rest of your life!

(Feel free to log in any time haha)
(Sep. 22, 2013  12:39 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: (Feel free to log in any time haha)
I'm going to try to hop in and visit a little more often. I have yet to find a forum that can top this one.

Does anybody know if To and Dude still pop in?
Yes, To and Dude pop in at times.
I can tell Dude to be more active if you want, hah.
You don't have to do that, I don't want you to go out of your way for me or anything. Just pack him up in a box and mail him to me. I can make him my personal body guard (Unless you're tougher. I may have to rethink my options in that case.)