[8/24/13] The Bey Brawl 1.5 RagerBlade's B-Day Brawl

This tournament was surprisingly small. We got 7 people to show up and than we got *AJ*'s sister to play (UnicornDragon). We went ahead with this pretty simple system I found in a thread. Although halfway through battles started repeating and me and Insomniac had to find the errors and get the other matches done.

Once the delay was done we continued the tournament and it went pretty smoothly. We advanced 3 to the finals. We would have gotten 4, but Genbull9817 had to leave in between. The 3 finalists (Me, Insomniac, and razorrider7) just went straight to it and finished it up quickly. In the end I think we had a great nice tournament.

Zero G format was really fun and all, but I think next time I host I will go for Standard Format as it is more likely to attract Bladers. There were 4 judges over all and they were great! I judged most f the matches. Insomniac judged when I was battling. *AJ* judged when me and Insomniac battled the first time in the qualifiers, and Armadurn (The Boy Wonder LOL) judged when me and Insomniac battled in the finals. Some of my wins were REALLY surprising, but that's meant for the winning combos thread. I got a little late in the end and forgot my camera at home so I couldn't get any footage, but I guess there's a next time!
Cool, it is really responsible that you apparently took the time to neutrally find the errors, made sure everything was OK, and then resumed the tournament. Were there any weird reactions to that, or was everyone patient ?

Also, what was that "pretty simple system" ?
They were patient. The system was like everyone was a number and than it was like this.
R1 12345678 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5
R2 23456781 2v1 3v8 4v7 5v6

And so on. Everyone was patient.
Oh it basically round robin yeah we did that in Slandered format at BR....
It got me and Insomniac confused.
Good to see you having more events. Don't give up on the Zero-G format though. I started to make the same mistakes when it came out and after everyone got used to it, they all seemed to like it more. What I have been doing when I hold events is having 2 events. That way everyone is happier and the newer bladers can get used to seeing the Zero-G events live.
Either way, Nice job in fighting for that community!
Well I tried for both, but we didn't have enough people for the Standard Format. I will not give up on Zero G though. My next tournament may not happen for a while as school begins in a week... It's been a blast though!