5 More Beys I want to see get a Super Z Evolution

Well, you guys seemed to really enjoy my first one, so I might as well make a part 2 of Beys I want to see get a super z evolution!
5: Beat Kukulcan
I'll be honest, when I saw Beat Kukulcan the first time, I thought it was a Pokemon-Beyblade crossover, which made me instantly love it! Plus, it was pretty OP.  Plus, Kurt was in a Super Z episode, so an evolution isn't that farfetched. I could see it getting the 13 disc, as well as gaining a Hunter' driver.Only issue is Buster Excalibur kinda stole its gimmick, hence why it's low on the list.
4: Horus
Not many people seem to remember Hoji, which makes sense since he was a side character, but why not bring Hoji back? I believe it could gain a gimmick similar to shadow orichalcum, but with a stamina purpose rather than defense. A 12-Flow disc seems appropriate for stamina, as well as a flugel driver. Oh, and why not make it a Flugel'? Overall, I can see this bey being a force to be reckoned with.
3: Twin Nemesis
Norman Tarver, AKA Gold Eye is personally one of my favorite Snake Pit characters of all time! His design seems like a whole story to be told! I don't see any reason not to bring him back. Oh, and his bey was destroyed by Spriggan (R.I.P.), so get this man a Super Z evolution! Make the layer gimmick metal, give it the 10 disc, as well as the Spiral driver and call it good. 
2: Zeus
I think I speak for everyone when I say Zac needs to return back into his spotlight! Joshua tried to replace him, but it didn't work. Since Galaxy Zeus was the last evolution, lets call this evolution Universe Zeus. More metal orbs obviously. I see a 0-Star combo for the frame and an Eternal driver. Overall, Zac needs to return, and this is how I think it should be done.
1: Arc Bahammut
No explainations needed, we all know Boa needs to return. Metal encased blades that could function as attack and defensive. 10-Cross forge disc. Atomic' driver. We need a Cho-Z Bahammut! 
So, yeah, that's my 5 more beys I want to get a Super Z evolution!
This doesn't need a second thread, the first one you made was fine. You could just post this on your original one. Thank you.