4/14/13 Richmond Chaos Rising 4.0

OK, so the BB-10 event after the Revolution Qualifier had 10 bladers. Fun event and good to see that 10 people really wanted to blade after such a big and popular event. The Beyblade spirt from all was at an all time high!

Fun battles for everyone
Good turnout (for a second event)
Younger bladers doing very well ie. Wade246
A good amount of judges to utilize
Amazing store support from One Eyed Jacques and Rob the manager there

Computer lost internet connection for a few and almost lost results. whew
Too many Beyblade accessories left when people went home. Starting a lost and found lol
I personally have a ton of pride in being able to resurect the Richmond Virginia community. I had heard that it was almost impossable to get it going and because of a never say die mentality, WE we're able to get it up and running again. So much so that our events are growing with each one we hold. Pretty cool for me.

Thats about it.