3d printing grips

is it legal? and either way, I can upload some designs I made (or if you made anything cool you can also show it here...)
It would be legal because it does not alter the performance and it would go under " Painting or Decorating Launchers/Grips/Accessories"
3D printing process. These grips are specifically tailored to fit individual needs and preferences, providing enhanced comfort and control over various objects or tools.

For example, let's say you find a useful SlideShare presentation on how to design and 3D print custom grips for tools. Using the SlideShare Downloader, you can easily download the presentation in either PowerPoint or PDF format. With the downloaded presentation, you can learn about the design principles and techniques involved in creating 3D printed grips. This knowledge can then be applied to personalize and manufacture grips for specific objects, such as hand tools or sporting equipment, using a 3D printer.