1st Gen Sword Launcher vs Master LR String

Hey, I've recently been doing some light testing and wanted to edit this post.

Here are the spin times when I launched Lord Spriggan Vanguard Bearing on the Sword Launcher:

Average: About 1:49

LR String (Right Spin):

Average: About 1:42

My Sword Launcher has been used frequently since around 2018 or 2019 with 0 issues, while my LR has been around since late June with a handful of launches, no issues so far. Is the 1st gen sword launcher better or the LR for right spin? Feel free to give your thoughts.
No. My answer is No.
(May. 26, 2020  10:49 PM)Ghostly Wrote: No. My answer is No.

Could you please please explain to me why if it doesn't bother you? Thanks!
To my knowledge, it's not TOO bad. Definitely does better than a light launcher, but I Dunno if it's way up there with the Master LR.
Id say no, seeing as the Diabolos string launcher and Sparking launchers have more power
Interesting results.

It could be a variance of quality on the launchers themselves.
But, I've seen tournament-level players continue to use LR launchers over Sparking launchers since the difference in power is negligible (when used by adults) so who knows?

I'd be hype to see more ripcord based launchers being used!