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Most competitive parts? - Blader Boy7 - Feb. 26, 2020

What do you guys think are the most competitive parts? Or what are the best GT chips and layer base, or even weights?

RE: Most competitive parts? - Elreed - Feb. 26, 2020

Judgement is easily the best attack base in the actual meta. In the meme meta, Operate' is fun and Keep' is a good alternative to Bite. Back to the actual meta, Lord is a jack of all trades, Gen is amazing on almost everything, and Spriggan is very versetile (I definately mispelled both of those).

RE: Most competitive parts? - BuilderROB - Feb. 26, 2020

Things such as judgement and lord are the best. Master is also really good as well as Perfect Phoenix. It really depends on the type of combo you are trying to make. For attack, I would say something like judgement Diabolos Blitz quick’/xtreme’. For stamina, I would go for Lord Spriggan 0Cross Xtend+, or Master Bahamut Sting Bearing. Perfect Phoenix on 0Cross Xtend+ also does well. Imperial is also good for attack if you put it on something like destroy’.

RE: Most competitive parts? - eigerblade - Feb. 27, 2020

My opinion currently:

R attack: Judgment
L attack: Zwei
R def/sta: Perfect Phoenix
L def/sta: Lord and Master

There are other potentially solid choices for layers that have not been tested thoroughly like Tact, Imperial, Big Bang, etc. But the ones I listed are my current favorites.

GT chips are largely preference and highly opinion-based, but Diabolos definitely gets used the most since it comes with a pretty heavy weight. Spriggan comes second as it comes naturally with Lord. Other than those two you're pretty much free to choose anything except Pegasus. Bahamut and Ashura is usually recommended with dash drivers only though. I'm also not sure on Diabolos II yet.

Layer weights:
Diabolos and Goku are on the top obviously. Retsu, Metsu, and Zan comes next. The others are pretty much very rarely seen for various reason. Gen is unique but it sacrifices weight to cover a weak burst resistance, and most players would rather use a layer that does not have weak burst resistance in the first place.

Sting, Blitz, 0, 00, and 10 are on top I believe.
Outer and 7 are also fine but gets used less due to their lower weight.
Around might have potential for same spin but I haven't tested it yet.

Wall still gets paired with Bearing almost all the time. Lift is an okay alternative.
Cross is also paired with Xtend+ all the time, but Glaive and Star also works somewhat.
Bump was a heavy frame but people looking for extra weight in attack combos can now use Sting so its starting to get used less than before.
Proof is pretty rare to see since it has middling LAD despite its shape but its a personal favorite of mine.

Def/stamina drivers:
Bearing and Xtend+ reigns supreme in opposite matches.
Atomic works really great in same spin matches, but its rarely used nowadays, especially since its pretty much guaranteed to die against opposite spin Bearing/Xtend+.
Not sure how I feel about Hybrid yet.

Attack drivers:
Also largely preference and opinion based. Quick' and Xtreme' are mostly agreed on being the top choices for maximum aggressiveness while holding attack patterns pretty well.
Destroy' has some fans due to its surprising LAD. Good luck holding a flower pattern with it though.

RE: Most competitive parts? - Orpheus - Feb. 27, 2020

If ur aiming for attack types I would recommend using Judgment for easy wins. Zwei would also work but it mostly works with Jolt’. Imperial has a lot of stamina and attack power, I would recommend pairing it with 00E.Ds’. If those beys are too risky to use from recoil then use Prime Apocalypse or Regila Genesis for attack. If you are using infinite lock beys, never use it with the Big Bang armour as it decreases the attack power from the layer. Also mostly you would use Quick’ or Xtreme’, jolt’ requires more skill to control it because of how fast it goes. I would say use quick’ if you can’t control rubber tips as well. Plastic tips like Vl’ and Ds’ are used too. Hope this post helps you for attack combos.