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Full Version: Amane vs Rantaro
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Who would win out of these two powerful companions
Rantaro, without much of a doubt.
Not only does he have a Stamina advantage over a Defense type, but he's much higher ranked.
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no point of this thread
You see, Amane was always born weaker to Rantaro, but with the dark power he’s gotten much stronger, so I would have to say Amane.
Rantaro for sure.

But Amane has gold turbo hyperflux.
Rantaro. though the full battle would cause more destruction than WWIII, rantaro could use his wind ability(king lion reverse wind strike but 1000000 times more powerful) to finish off Amane with a spin drainage. Rantaro has also met harry, and even a glimpse of harry gives one infinite strength.
Rantaro vs Amane reminds me of Kyoya vs Benkei
(Oct. 22, 2020  3:35 PM)Achilles25 Wrote: [ -> ]Rantaro vs Amane reminds me of Kyoya vs Benkei

Only problem is that Benkei hard stomps.
This battle will be pegasus Vs nemesis level of battle
Rantaro Kiyama