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Full Version: Meet the New "Staff" Team (Project AIDA)
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New Team Members
Alongside the initial updates associated with Project AIDA, today we’re delighted to announce a restructure of our staff and the promotion of five new members to our team:

New Staff Structure: All Staff Are Now Simply ... "Staff"
"Committee", "Contributor", and "Moderators" are no more.

Each of them and all other existing staff join a new consolidated group titled simply "Staff".

Why the change? Greater agency, clarity, and accountability.
We have done this in order to:

1. Enable a feeling of greater agency among individual staff members
2. Create greater organizational clarity and accountability both internally and externally.

We recognized that over the past decade, the "Committee" position began to carry a bit more weight in the community than we felt it was meant to. "Contributors" were later introduced to relieve some pressure from Committee members and create a role with a much more focused set of responsibilities.

This had two effects. One internal, and one external:

Internally, it ultimately lowered the ability for staff to feel as if they had the power to do things very far outside of that narrow set of responsibilities.

Teamwork and communication will always be necessary, but at the same time, it is especially important for us as a volunteer-based organization to empower and more explicitly express our trust in staff to make reasonable independent decisions when necessary and appropriate. Doing so will help us to simultaneously adapt quicker and increase the ability for staff to feel like they are making a difference.

Externally, it added another level of confusion for the community as to who they could turn to and who was in charge. By flattening our team structure to simply "Staff" we wanted to create greater clarity for all members.

All staff can help you.

Individual Areas of Focus
Each Staff member will have areas of focus behind-the-scenes. For instance, some will focus on Organized Play. Some on moderation. Some on platform or community development. And so on.

But they also have a strong base of knowledge about Beyblade and the community which will allow them to assist members in need and contribute in other areas outside of their focus when necessary.

Why them?
Each staff member–both the new additions we've announced today and existing members–have earned their position because of their valuable skills, insight, experience, dedication, and impact both on the website and offline in their local communities.

And as such, each of them believe in Fighting Spirits Inc.'s  vision and are expected to help further it however and whenever they can.

Say hello to the new staff team
The new additions to our staff team represent the beginning of a larger restructuring of our team, as we move towards the future outlined in our new vision statement for Project AIDA.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming , , , , and to the staff team. We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish and how they'll help Fighting Spirits Inc. flourish.

You can view the full staff team here:

Congratulations joyos, Shindog, Alta, TrainiacJ, and LazerBeamz! Y’all deserve it!
Congrats to the promoted members! y'all really deserve it! Grin Grin
The new “staff” and “director”  tag will take some getting used to. Honestly, this whole update is going to take some getting used to.
(Jun. 07, 2020  9:53 PM)CheetoBlader Wrote: [ -> ]The new “staff” and “director”  tag will take some getting used to. Honestly, this whole update is going to take some getting used to.

The only change here is all members of our team having the "Staff" tag! If you saw a Director tag, it was likely an issue during the transition to this one tier, haha.
Congrats to the new staff! Looking forward the the future!
Cool hope they are all active.
Sounds good! I am excited to see how things will go with the beyblade community always growing! Congratulations!
Congratulations to the new staff members, welcome aboard! I wish you all the best of luck!
new member!!!
congrats to all the new members
Congrats.. You all 😉😉