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Full Version: [London, UK] 29/5/10 - Beyparty - London MCM Expo
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Yes, it will be like last time ...
(May. 02, 2010  9:34 PM)brazman Wrote: [ -> ]will the libra wheel be banned [crossing fingers not for it to be banned]
Soon it will be banned forever, so you might have to get used to it.
If the tournament was to go ahead a week earlier in St.James' park then i would still be able to come. I dont mind if it is held at the park or at the Excel centre i guess we will just have wait and see how the future will unfold
actually i would rather it in the expo because then i wouldn't really have any reason to go to the expo then
That sentence didn't make sense.
no i mean i would rather it in the expo because if its in st James park than i wouldn't have any reason to go to the expo
i would honestly prefer st james's park because 1 cheaper to get there = more time to buy beys
2 to my understanding there arent anycues for st james's park
3 my only problem with it because this is the big tourney some people might not be able to attend
due to school
but thats only my personal opinion
(May. 02, 2010  6:01 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: [ -> ]Our main aim is undoubtedly to have the tournament at the expo, but as a backup we're having a possible option of having the event the week before Expo at St. James' Park.

Would people be open to this as an option?
Don't know If I would be able to make this date, I'll most probably be working, and as I've already taken the 29th off, I doubt they will let me change it/have another saturday off in May. If this does happen I'll try get someone to cover my shift for me.
but NOVA if you book on the internet before you get there then you wont have to line up you can just go in straight away that's what im doing
btu you still have to line 4 the express tickets
unless you print them off at home
is der any way i can help for dis event???
I'll turn up to see/meet everybody and maybe do some free battles, but I doubt I'll full on enter. I still don't have many Beyblades after last time (lol) and I want to do other things as well, its not everyday I go to London. Also, my cousin wants to know if anyone will be selling any MFBs at the event? See you all there! Grin
(May. 08, 2010  11:50 PM)Neeek Wrote: [ -> ]Also, my cousin wants to know if anyone will be selling any MFBs at the event? See you all there! Grin

From the OP:

(Apr. 22, 2010  8:38 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: [ -> ]BeySales:
If you're looking to sell or buy any beyblades at the event, please post here:
Oh, thanks. I feel like such an idiot for missing that. Confused
Whats the case with the event so far? Is it still being held at the expo, outside the main hall obviously? Just asking because I'm considering entering. Cheers guys and gals!
We have no idea, they haven't gotten back to us.
The main layout of the expo doesn't seem to be updated until the week or two weeks before before as has found out in previous years, which isn't massively helpful to us right now but understandable.
All we can do it wait, and hope for a reply asap.
I mean what is quoted below? I assuming your now wanting to hold it in the main expo hall now goign by what you said above?

Quote:This year however the event will be a little different to our previous expo events, as we won't be able to hold the tournament inside the main hall. We'll be holding it outside the expo center on the center grass area, and in the event of rain we will move inside to the main corridor that runs the length of the expo center.
It isn't so much that we want to hold it in the main hall instead of outside, it's more that we have to hold the event inside so that people don't just attend the event outside without paying for a ticket.
The event will definitely be inside, but right now the issue is over if we'll have a time slot, and where we'll be put within the event.
Cool, I'll drop my name as soon as we get news. I'm a maybe.
i really hope its in the expo. i don't want it in st James park
Add me to the list as a definate. I'll be there if its at Expo.
Just heard through from Rocky that we have definite place within the expo center, our time slot is yet to be disclosed but we should have two hours for the tournament.

This means that the tournament will have to begin as soon as possible with out time slot being limited.

We're hoping we'll be able to get a slot between 1 and 3, although it's highly likely we'll between 2 and 4.
YES YES YES!!!! im so happy thank you so much
Good to hear, I can get round to ordering my ticket now.
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