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Full Version: [London, UK] 29/5/10 - Beyparty - London MCM Expo
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They assign time slots now? Do they announce it now haha?

(May. 11, 2010  4:32 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: [ -> ]We're hoping we'll be able to get a slot between 1 and 3, although it's highly likely we'll between 2 and 4.
Basically they have an open area for people who only want to hold an event for a single day.
The day is divided up in to time slots for groups for the area, so there will be other people using the area for various things throughout the day.

If we'd wanted to do it for the whole weekend then they would have given us a table for the entirety of both days, but neither myself or any other admin member has the time at the moment with university, exams, and who knows what else.
AHHHH! I get you now. Figured they would eventually allow for single day events to an extent lol.
ive allready ordered my tickets already
Looking forward to seeing old faces and some new ones.
im so gonna win this tournament hahaha!!!
I'm in. Grin
(May. 11, 2010  9:01 PM)jjsonickid Wrote: [ -> ]im so gonna win this tournament hahaha!!!
Sorry to say this but Lee is coming and he has won 3 times in a row!
im jokin dude
We'll see. I placed second and first in the two tournaments I have taken place in. Competative banter is fun.
i hope i come at least third
Bronze, Silver, Silver, and the last Gold making me the current UK champion at the moment, think you've all got at least a little competition Wink
(Apr. 22, 2010  9:13 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Apr. 22, 2010  9:10 PM)Zander Soulwind Wrote: [ -> ]When you say many, how many do you mean?
Oh, hm, enough for a tournament, however for this event on that day I would see twenty ... People really just need to attend this one, block the day for the tournament, stop finding excuses, etc.

I actually go for expo as well as the beys... but this time I'm not cosplaying so I can bring my beys and make the most of seeing you guys. Obviously I have other commitments like DDR and seeing other friends too but I'll be there more this time.

(May. 11, 2010  5:35 PM)BeyUK-Espio Wrote: [ -> ]Looking forward to seeing old faces and some new ones.

It'll be great to see you again, it's been a while. Smile

Plus, I actually have my own beys this time. Smile
hi guys im sorry to inform you im no longer coming to this event
removed you from the attending list, maybe we'll see you at the next one.
ah man nova i really wanted you to come
Hey, Espio and Ash, Good to hear that, look forward to seeing you both again and sorry to hear that you can't come Nova.
Current numbers give us twenty as NOVA, Megablader and one other member have dropped out.
If anyone is intending on bringing friends, could they post so we can get a better idea on the numbers?
(May. 12, 2010  5:37 PM)Beyunit-DL Wrote: [ -> ]
(May. 11, 2010  9:01 PM)jjsonickid Wrote: [ -> ]im so gonna win this tournament hahaha!!!
Sorry to say this but Lee is coming and he has won 3 times in a row!

Flattered lol but this could go eiver way, im really looking forward to this
Espio is amazing and has beat me every time we have faced off,
Ellz is sick, me vs Ellz is always a joy and a close one,
Rocky is an awsome blader even though she dosn't admit it much,
it is unclear how <3 has never placed, he is really good
Linh has serious potential, just experiments to much mid tourney lol
Im scared of Blitz as he has a very large score to settle with me,
Black Phoenix is a great competetor and has some really good parts and combos,
not to mention all of the new faces, many good bladers that don't place, people like nova placing 4th in his first event and pure luck out there this is going to be one intense tournament Smile Good luck everyone
hi just confirming me and blade master are able to come (Just got all clear from my mum)
Alex has placed hasn't he? I'm sure he got something at Summer Smash. Tongue_out
Will you guys be there on Sunday?
I wont be there on sunday its to much money
(May. 14, 2010  6:25 PM)RevertedToZero Wrote: [ -> ]Will you guys be there on Sunday?
We're only holding the event for the one day.
The October expo should however be the full weekend.
Well then, carp at the moment. Unless I ask my dad otherwise ( And he has to go somewhere that day), I'm only free on Sunday, so if there's a way for you guys to come on sunday, then.

Not saying i can't go, i'll still find a way to.
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