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Full Version: [London, UK] 29/5/10 - Beyparty - London MCM Expo
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Well i have finally got all of my beyblade stuff packed and ready for use tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting some new bladers tomorrow and also i may have a friend with me he wont be taking part in the tournament but he may watch some matches.

Anyway looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow Wink
Sorry guys but I can't come to this one any more. Sorry about it being late and all...
i am back in to the tournament
Really shouldn't have gone out tonight, i remembered that i had to get up in the morning so i just got home. Hopefully i will be in a fit state lol see you all there, should be a great dat as is every tourney Grin good luck everyone
Thanks Flight for the map! But we're going to have to walk all the way across the place Uncertain
Happy Beyday everyone!
Can't wait to see everyone there Grin

If anyone has any problems, you can text us at:
Tell us your username as well so we actually know who we're talking to.
when will rocky and the rest arrive to set up the tourney
Happy beyday, can't wait to see old and new friends Tongue_out
Sorry can't come
The queue is WELL long. 3 hours to kill.
Im leaving now, see you there! Tongue_out
hooray! Found out I can go now, sorry for messing you around
happy beyday u guys
Ellz won (Thats all I can remember of the top 3) I filmed quite a bit but as the battery ran out the quality started to worsen. My battery died so i started filming on alex's camera.

Was fun and I got an attack stadium lol
Just got back Grin Grin Grin. Great tourney, came third in my group though Confused. Pretty amazed I beat Blitz/Matt!.... By *cough* Skill (luck)!

Really enjoyed battling with Dranzerblaze828 too Smile
ahhh dat tourney was livee cnt wait till da next 1
hi guys who won eg top three this tourney sounded awesome
Man I really enjoyed myself!Grin Next tourney Im gonna make a better combo that combo didn't work for me.
i won neally all my matches that was the best
(May. 29, 2010  7:58 PM)jjsonickid Wrote: [ -> ]i won neally all my matches that was the best
Yeah you beat me! Angry
i cant believe that i beat lee draciel once i feel so happy
Today was a cool day. The expo was amazing and i really enjoyed it plus the tournament today was ace. Great to meet so many new bladers today and i never thought i would of made it it to second place i thought i was actually going to lose after my first couple of rounds.

Got loads of footage today and also thanks to Blitz and Rocky for recording some of my battles thanks to both of you. Anyway about the footage that was recorded on my cam who should i send it to?
Really fun day. Didn't get far in the tournament but that just shows me I need to buy more MFB.
That was a really fun day! I reckon it was better than last year's tournament! Well last year I did much better...
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