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Full Version: [London, UK] 29/5/10 - Beyparty - London MCM Expo
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Good video who's the one with the NY hat.
Thats leedraciel Smile
My one is the rock leone with the red metal face
Oh kool his hat is hard.
Hey everyone know its been a while since the tournament but anyway i have had a name change now on the WBO but yeah the name i used in the tournament was Dranzerblaze828 but now changed it to Akatsuki lol

Anyway i finally managed to get the video footage i recorded at the event edited. Also special thanks to Blitz and Rocky for filming some battles for me
when will there be another 1 in london
(Aug. 18, 2010  2:50 AM)renoneato Wrote: [ -> ]when will there be another 1 in london
It will be posted when a plan is concretised. If there is no information at the moment, then nothing is official yet.
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