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Host: Deceased Crab

Format: Burst Standard. Please read the Burst Standard rules at . I know it says "Old" in the title, but that's a joke on the product "Old Bay". Go ahead and bring your Lord layers.

LocationThis event will be held indoors at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society building, which has a large library.,+MD+21224
[Image: 1YQygRH.png]
Parking will be street parallel parking, there are no nearby lots or structures, but parking doesn't seem to be a problem on Saturdays.
Please tell your parents or whoever's driving that there are plenty of books to read and chairs to sit in.

Time: As the tournament will start promptly at 1:00pm, please plan to arrive around 12:00pm when registration will begin. Registration will close at 12:30am. If the participant cap has not been met at this time, waitlisted players will be offered a spot. Confirming your attendance on the WBO event page does not substitute for registration at the venue.
Do not arrive before 11:30am! The building will not be open before 11:30am, so please, don't. Go get some breakfast while you wait.

Prizes: The prizes include Revive Phoenix Silver Wing version, Hell Salamander Gravity Yielding from RB12, and Dead Hades 8'Expand Xtreme' from RB15. Yes, I know they're not the newest and the greatest, but they're still very good parts, still viable in today's meta, and I paid for them out of pocket, and I hope you enjoy them.

Other Information:
We have a 24 participant cap, and that has been met. The current list of people I will be notifying if any spots open up is as follows:
1. Blueeyes
2. DillonB1118
3. NevBey2019
If bladers need to drop, post in the thread, and I will try to notify people waiting to hurry up and register. We can't go above 24 participants, but we'll try to make sure that people who want to play can.
I have checked, and waitlisting only works at the door on the day of, and nothing is guaranteed.

Even if you can't or don't want to participate, you may show up and enjoy free play with other bladers at the venue.

Be aware of your surroundings. The BSFS organization has generously allowed us to hold a Beyblade tournament at a wonderful indoor venue. We are guests in this space, and we should be respectful. There are many books there! If you want to borrow one, use the card catalog box in the front room. Please do not use the board games on the shelf, you are more than welcome to come to BSFS at a later time to boardgame. Anyone interested in BSFS events should definitely go to and attend those. Anyone who's looking for some good books to read, well, you've come to the right Beyblade tournament.

Please come prepared. It is helpful for both hosts and judges if all participants bring at least one Takara Tomy or Hasbro-manufactured Beyblade of their own and more than one launcher when possible. Additionally, parents of children under the age of 13 must be present for the duration of the event, as tournament end times can be difficult to estimate, and we would hate for someone to be left behind once it is over.

Be aware of your belongings. We'd advise users to please, please, please look after your stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and we're not suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other's stuff it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation is appreciated!

All players must arrive on-time. The tournament will begin no later than 1:00 PM and is expected to run for about 3 hours or less. It absolutely needs to finish by 5:00 PM. Please plan accordingly. If you do not arrive at the scheduled start time, you risk being excluded from the tournament. The software we use to run our events–Challonge–does not allow us to add in extra participants once the tournament has started.

If you know in advance that you will be late, please post in this thread or contact someone at the event and depending on the circumstances we can perhaps still include you if we know you will arrive soon.

Spread the Word!

Are you as excited about the festivities as we are?! If so, be sure to tell your friends about it! And if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

[/url][Image: twitteric.png] @worldbeyblade

[url=][Image: facebookic.png] WorldBeybladeOrganization

Spread the word! 
Well that's a Maryland pun if I ever saw one. Good luck hosting your first event!
Let's hope so! A big thanks to BSFS for allowing us to use this space!
Hmm Baltimore is a 2 hour drive but I'm not totally sure if I can get a ride to this... I mean I hope I can
Hopefully I can go! Reserved a spot just in case. Joyful_3
Do reserve a spot, but if you find out you can't attend, do unjoin. If we hit the participant cap then we'll need to get an admin to unjoin people at that point, unjoining and joining disable at the cap.

We will have a wait list if we hit the cap. Please only register if you mean to attend.
Wow! The venue and prizes all look great!
I will see if I can come boy I wish I could drive lol
(Sep. 14, 2019  3:17 AM)Hyper xeno Wrote: [ -> ]I will see if I can come boy I wish I could drive lol

I would go but it would require flying.....
I can most likely come, and my cousins live in Baltimore as well, so hopefully I can convince them to come too!
The one time it’s on Saturday lmao
This tournament is in Baltimore and it’s a hour drive and it’s on Saturday I’ll probably go to this one Imma see if I can go to the Sliver Spring Tournament on the 22nd too, gonna reserve a spot just in case
Half of our available spots are still available. Once we hit 24 people, if anyone needs to withdraw, please note that in this thread.

If you want to register, don't delay; the tournament may be 4 weeks away, but we're still limited to 24 participants. I will be able to do nothing for people who want to register if it's full, other than put you on a waitlist, which doesn't guarantee participation.
Congrats and good luck!
I wish I could go! Have fun hosting though!
Oof that’s far
I might be able to make it

I'm New btw

Are we allowed to alter our beys in anyway?
(Sep. 20, 2019  3:34 AM)Bladerzero Wrote: [ -> ]Are we allowed to alter our beys in anyway?

Welcome to WBO.

As per the Burst Standard rules, located at , which you need to read, you are not allowed to mod your beyparts in a non-standard fashion. You can do mode changes if the part supports that, like Spriggan layer spin changes or Dimension/Operate tip changes and such, but you're not allowed to paint or glue or use fakes etc.

As long as you're combining valid TT/Hasbro parts and aren't mixing TT tips with Hasbro layers or vice versa, and aren't doing something weird to them, it's probably fine. If you have a specific example you'd like to ask about, ask.

In the future, when you're the last post in a thread, don't post again, just edit your last post to include your changes.
My example is if I unscrewed the layer of a Hasbro beyblade, took a piece off, and put it back together
Anyone going to the tournament selling anything?
(Sep. 20, 2019  9:21 PM)Bladerzero Wrote: [ -> ]My example is if I unscrewed the layer of a Hasbro beyblade, took a piece off, and put it back together

That is definitely not legal for WBO tournaments. You may not remove or add anything to layers.

As for selling, you should do all transactions outside the building. I didn't ask, but I imagine their vending policies at BSFS might be prohibitive.
Hey,just found out my mom won't let me go, so sorry for any inconveniences, but I have to unjoin
(Sep. 21, 2019  6:03 AM)Bladerzero Wrote: [ -> ]Hey,just found out my mom won't let me go, so sorry for any inconveniences, but I have to unjoin

That's alright. Hope you can make it to another tournament sometime!
I'll ask my parent's about this one! BTW Is this the tournament that we were talking to you on the thread? If so Than I can make this one! Still reserving a spot though!
Alright folks, the tournament cap got reached! Don't worry, there's still time.
If anyone needs to unregister, post in the thread. The unregister button won't work anymore.
If anyone wants to be waitlisted, post in the thread. I'll keep track of that.
If anyone who is still registered on the morning of the tournament doesn't show up, this is going on your permanent record! Smile
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