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Full Version: Bey Blade Battle Zero Combos?
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Whats your guys best Combo in Bey Blade Battle Zero?
Personally Mine is Bloody Longinus, Buster Xcaliber's Weight layer and Driver, Then finally That Black Attack frame that I cant remember the name of.
I use fafnir 0C Bearing and revieve Phoenix 10B Ultimate Reboot
Winning valkyrie 12 vortex variable 2
i guess since this thread has been revived i guess ill post my combos

i use Geist Fafnir 0Proof Bearing, Revive Phoenix 0 Xtend+ (Stamina Mode) or Buster Xcalibur 1'Dagger Destroy'
Revive Phoenix 0 proof atomic
Winning Valkyrie 0 cross ultimate reboot
I don’t have the game