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Full Version: Most skilled beyblader
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Who is the most skilled blader in all the series of beyblade taken together ?
Either Tyson, Kai, or Gingka but I would say Kai
Scott Williamson
Anime I will say
I am not expert of MF and Original, but Burst Cho-Z is Phi (dP Phi).
Plastic - Kai
Metal - Ryuga
Burst - Lui
(Mar. 16, 2019  5:43 PM)Aadi Lui Wrote: [ -> ]Idk
Plastic - Kai
Metal - Ryuga
Burst - Lui

Phi have more skill.
i think prob hearts or phi
(Mar. 16, 2019  8:05 PM)William Cochran Wrote: [ -> ]i think prob hearts or phi

Phi is much better than Hearts.
(Mar. 16, 2019  8:28 PM)William Cochran Wrote: [ -> ]true......

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(Mar. 16, 2019  7:48 PM)ks123 Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 16, 2019  5:43 PM)Aadi¬†Lui Wrote: [ -> ]Idk
Plastic - Kai
Metal - Ryuga
Burst - Lui

Phi have more skill.

Dude it is my opinion
Kai hiwatari
Ryuga and kyoya
Aoi baruto or kurenai shuu
It would be Kai
Valt is the best blader Smile
In my opinion, for Burst, I think Shu is probably the person who puts the most thought and strategy in his battles.
Mfb = Ryuga
Burst = Shu
Plastic - Brooklyn
Metal - Gingka
Burst - Aiga
Plastic- Kai or Brooklyn
Metal- Definitely Ryuga
Burst- Definitely Phi
Plastic- Brooklyn
Metal- Gingka
Burst- Shu
I'd say Gingka for the metal series and Valt Aoi or another main blader for the Burst series.