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Full Version: Revolution of Generation
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Hey there Mumbai WBOians!! As you might know WBO's Awesome Plastics and HMS remembrance is going on and to celebrate this here's a unique event!!  I'm F2 and this is our first event in South Mumbai!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTU9qMQGmNb5G0wd93EPFb...3aujzqRGCA] Confirmed Members: 
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTU9qMQGmNb5G0wd93EPFb...3aujzqRGCA]Unconfrimed
[Image: dj2002.gif]Hosting Team 
[Image: 7s1]Prizes:
1st Place:- Gold Bit + Credits
2nd Place:- Silver Bit + Credits 
3rd Place:- Bronze Bit + Credits

But that's not all! All participants will automatically entered in WBO's awesome, BeyDay Lotto/Giveaway, which you can learn more about clickng here. AND a Random participant will also receive a Secret Bey!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_BqBbiecMtjDZdHIoztv...miiYlf3oMg]
FAQ (please read carefully before coming
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The Event; Role of the Host, co-Host & Judges; Formats and more! 
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Click To Read Questions and Answers (Click to View)
This event gonna be awesome I'm very excited
I just left will be there in 40 mins. If anyone can't find venue, whatsapp me on 9769956009 or call on 9819191503
Wow what an amazing event! One of the best ever. Even though the turnout was less, this event rocked!
Best thing about this was balance bladers! Thanks so much for coming ! And also thanks for the generous donations! I hope to see you soon bro ! And promise that the next time you come, the tournament will be much better :)
[Image: IMG-20170806-_WA0096.jpg]

Now the Winners:-
1. Snidmist 
Dragoon Reviser BD
Kries Cygnus 145 WD
Death Quetzalcoatl BD145 CS

Flash Leone GB145 R2F
Balro Balro DF105 MF
Scythe Cancer 230 WD
Duo Leone 230 WD

Dragoon Zirago 125 WD
Dragoon Zirago BD
Flash Leone GB145 R2F
Scythe Cancer BD

[Image: IMG-20170806-_WA0091-01.jpg]


Strom Spriggan Knuckle Unite
Strom Spriggan Knuckle Variable
Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable
Valkyrie Knuckle Atomic

2.Balance Blader
(Will add soon)

(Will add soon)

[Image: IMG-20170806-_WA0090-01_20170806182749251-01.jpg]

Donation by Balance Blader. S2 , V2 , R2 and K2. :)

[Image: IMG-20170806-_WA0080-01.jpg]
Thanks all for coming! Congrats to all the Winners !
[Image: IMG-20170806-_WA0084-01.jpg]
Awesome bro keep doing these good works for our beyblade community
#Awesome Editor
Yesterday's event was blast. Despite having less people, I have to say it was best event we had since I joinned. First of all unlike everytime, i came at SGNP a hour before and we had event at a different place. We started our event with MFB as it felt convenient. We kept rule of only 1 ZRG per deck rule for regular members and it made event actually quite fun. We found out quite a few new combos during and learned different techniques to avoid attackers. Scythe BD was dominating by OSing everythimg. Balance Blader made this event even more fun and get got lots of NIB ZRG to use, so we made him some classic MFB combos like Balro Pegasis W125R2F, Girago Dragoon SA165BWD and Salamender E230. In burst thanks to @[Balance Blader] who genuinely donated us 1 burst bey to rach we could kept burst format. It was blast too (or burst lol) and we learned alot in it too. Firstly about that K2KO was able to OS Neptune and A2 and Drain fafnir is op but can be push KOed as I thought (unless your bey burst before it gets KOed). Aaryan despite having a risky bey like S2 still managed to win like how Shu did lol.

In before I wrap it off, Aaryan was actual host of this event (despite being under me, he did everything) and I have to say he actually is better host then me. Event was super awesome, hope he will host again (sooon)
Tournament video is up on Beyblade Channel! Thanks AaryanBITW!

(Aug. 17, 2017  10:09 AM)AaryanBITW Wrote: [ -> ]

Results done. Smile

Bro here also the same thing . Many places you have written mihir patil that's not my user name . Its snidmist . Please correct that