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Full Version: How does the nature look where you live?
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In this thread you can post photos and videos of the nature where you live and your Blading enviroment. If you want to you can also post pictures of your favourite Beyblades in the wilderness.

About me:
I currently live in northern Germany near the border to the Neatherlands. Where I live there's a lot of moors, plains and forests.
Not many people live here and some tourists come here for beer and bicicle rides on the many bicycle roads through the forests and plains. Here are also a lot of farmers who have a lot of fields with grain growing on them and cattle. It's warm in the summer (usually 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and cloudy and sometimes rainy in the rest of the seasons most of the time with a bit of snow in the winter. One thing I want to mention is that it's getting warmer and warmer here from year to year. Last week it was ~100°F. I live in a House in a small city with a garden and some dogs and chickens. Smile

Beyblade photography is on my Instagram account: TurboLibra14

Here's a video of me showing the plot of land where I live if anyone is interested. (Note that I made this video a few years ago and that my voice is now much deeper.). Enjoy:

I live in Central Louisiana. There is a lot of "nature", if you will. By that I mean lots of forest, rivers, swamp, lakes, etc.
Tons of factories.
On one side the ocean and on the other side the sound. The ocean beach goes all the way down and up the coast of the outer banks.
I have woods around my house
Sand. sand. sand. and lots of sand. I live outside of city limits so theres a whole lot of nothing out here.
Trees nearby and a lot of roads and such
Yeet...endless houses in every direction.
A forest or wooded area is nearby where I live...part of it is beyond my backyard fence
It’s Melbourne, so it’s different every day Unhappy
I live in north london
And as for now
Extremely cold
Me in Philippines simple living
Nature is extordinary here in Switzerland! The lush cresting emerald hills and the stony snow crested mountains. The air is fresh (don't move to the city, they will assult you with cigarette smoke) and the birds harmonize among a plethora of hiking trails. Trees everywhere, sunlight filtering through. Bonfires charred to roast. The sweet smell of wood smoke glazening the backdrop of a exotic view.

That's nature, lol.