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is anyone else going to bring some plastics or hms for fun games?
btw my eye is like completely screwed :\
(Jan. 08, 2010  2:43 AM)Robsta Wrote: [ -> ]is anyone else going to bring some plastics or hms for fun games?
btw my eye is like completely screwed :\

I am, I'm bringing all of my Beyblades. That sucks man.
Im gonna bring all my beys to show you guys hahaha how fun!
Get well soon Robsta, I hope you will still be able to make it if your feeling okay.

And yes people will bring Plastics and HMS, but for fun battles, not ranked.
Hope this goes well for you guys; you've been really proactive about this, good luck and have fun!
Ok, I'm about to leave to go to the airport now ... hopefully I will have internet connection at the Hotel. If not, see you guys there.
Sweet! Can't wait. Hope you enjoy your flight Smile
I'm in Essendon now ^^ I just checked out the park. So basically I will just look out for you guys outside the train station?
Yeah sure, or if you want to you can meet us at the park, your choice.
yer I'll meet you guys at the park, it's just down the road from me.
Yay! Sweet, see you soon Grin
I'll meet you at the park as well. I'll be there at 12:30. Robsta I'm like 5 mins away from you haha.
I'll be buying a Blader Passport as well.
Sorry guys, but I got sick and I ain't able to come this time. Really looked forward for this. Unhappy
Good luck to everyone who enters!
sucks that you didn't come dragon it was a real success
The tournament was awesome! I came second again, but it was good to see everyone. I only lost 3 times Tongue_out
Woot 3rd place! Congrats to Raykon and Tan.
Yeah, congrats to you and Tan. Are you going to upload the footage of the tournament onto Youtube?
Yes but its a very long film and will need a lot of editing.
do yo have to bring your own beyblade
(Jan. 09, 2010  8:41 AM)shadowking3006 Wrote: [ -> ]do yo have to bring your own beyblade

Umm why would you bother asking that? And yes you do. Anyway this tournament is over
Thanks for organising this Omega, it was a good day.

Well done to all the winners, especially "Chaos Bladder" Tongue_out
Bladder Power!!! ROFL
Hahaha, my friend and I were rooting for you buddy.
LMAO Bladder. xD

Congratulations to Tan, Raykon, and Chaos Blader, aka Chaos Bladder.

I'll send the results to Khel soon. Smile

EDIT: Who were the people who bought Blader's Passports, and the people who donated? Tan and Raykon bought blader's passports, but who else?
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