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Full Version: Nightmares.
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I searched for several items synonymous with dreams and only the "Strange Dreams You've Had" thread popped up. I'm starting this thread because most of the dreams discussed there aren't really all that intense, just kinda casual sharing. Me included, I'm not all that comfortable ruining such an environment lol. Feel free to discuss them here, if they creep you out, make you severely uncomfortable, or just down-right scare you and you wanna vent to people with the same problem.

I'll give a little background on myself:
Before reading this vvv, read that ^^^
Here's the dream Tongue_out
But I strongly advise that if you get scared easily, do not read please:
So yeah, post if you'd like, no judging here, and if there is, shame on whomever is doing it.
We're all afraid of something guys, we just need to be there for eachother.
I had this horrible dream
When I woke up I felt my stomach to see if my guts were there.
REM sleep is actually flood for you, you're probably thinking of lucid dreaming. Ive been trying to do it for years. Good to know I'm not the only one up all the time haha.
Oh Lucid Dreaming. Finally Thank God I know someone else who does that. Just don't do it to much It will probably prevent you from sleeping or make you start seeing things.
my nightmare (Click to View)
My nightmare:

Ryuuga died in front of me.
the end

I'm kidding.

What really happened (Click to View)
I'm sorry to hear that guys. You all can always PM me and talk about them if you'd like, I'll be up nine times out of ten haha
When I was younger, like seven, eight years old or so, I watched a lot of horror movies, no clue why since I'm not really even a big fan. And I had a nightmare once about a bunch of the serial killers teaming up to find me. The killers made an alliance which included Scream, Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and a few others. It's pretty stupid now that I think about it, but I was a lot younger.
Pennywise would definitely be the most creepy. Why not just fight them with PEGASUS?!2!!111?!?1
Freddy Kreuger would try to slice Pegasus into pieces, although Pegasus would smash Chucky into broken plastic lol.
I just woke up from a nightmare!Unhappy
It was weird and scary?!
And then I calm myself down by playing Nyan Cat:Lost in Space on my iPod......... And then I get on here to write about the nightmare I had. LolXD
My Dream I had last night:
So me and my friend were walking down the street at night. I had a book in my hand about werewolves and vampires. So went to the Stonehenge which I don't know why, and all of a sudden my friend starts turning into half vampire and I turned into a full werewolf. I couldn't control it so I went on a rampage. A real wolf came out and starts fighting my friend! He said go to that stone It will stop you from turning into a werewolf. I ran as fast as I could. I was almost at the stone but my friend bit my leg. I touched the stone and then I woke up. I checked my body for hair to see If I changed back but I forgot it was a dream.
I had said earlier that I try for lucid dreaming quite often but it really hasn't been working out for me to where I can control it yet. I've gotten to the point of which the dream feels real but I still cant control it. A very bad situation for someone who has really only bad dreams and nightmares...

Then I woke up Tongue_out
You have some weird dreams drpepsidew.
Yep XD I don't choose em though so I can't complain Tongue_out
My Guy that grabbed my arm dream was a little weird don't you think?
This is a kinda funny nightmare from when I was 5.
I had this dream once...

I have lucid dreams all the time! Smile Once, I made my brother give me a giant bag of gumdrops and some french fries! It was pretty cool... I started having them right after I watched that old episode of the Smurfs with the Dream Demon guy, and Papa smurf said that you could control dreams. Of course, I was a little kid, so I believed him. Tongue_out
I used to lucid dream all the time when I was younger, but I'm kind of scared to try it now. The whole being conscious but unable to move thing kind of scares me Tongue_out Anyway, I have nightmares a lot but they honestly don't scare me as much as other things do. Had a pretty horrific dream last night, which I would be better off not posting lol
I lucid dream all the time, usually at like 4 in the morning. I hate when it happens, because I dream of zombie apocalypses and it makes me paranoid.
REM Sleep also know as Lucid Dreaming is extremely rare.

I would find it fascinating if someone could have a nightmare while being in control.

It's called a nightmare for a reason, if you could control a nightmare it takes out the scariness you receive when in the dream.
Dark thread Pepsidew PHD, dark thread...

I've had so many, it's messed up. I'll share this one, as I find it interesting.
(Jul. 29, 2013  2:41 AM)Ultramarine Wrote: [ -> ]Dark thread Pepsidew PHD, dark thread...

I've had so many, it's messed up. I'll share this one, as I find it interesting.

It seems your dreams were trolling you.

I would hate for that to happen to me.
Yah, they tend to do that. A lot.
(Jul. 29, 2013  2:47 AM)Ultramarine Wrote: [ -> ]Yah, they tend to do that. A lot.

Well, considering your minds using some sort of 'reverse' thing..

That's some complex stuff dude. Smile
Trolling dreams, I have a story of something like that...

So I was in some kind of castle or big stone house. I saw a shadow to the left where a bunch if torture equipment laid. I tried sneaking away down a hall then a light shine brightly in my face, I looked up and saw the shadow from that other side except I saw the detail of this mans face. He looked a lt like Dracula and wore clothes similar to his except all his teeth were pointy and dripping with blood. I then yelled at myself screaming "Wake up"! Then the figure said "don't waste your breathe, there is no escape from here". I then asked what "here" was. He looked me straight in the face and in dark demonic voice said "hell".

Then I woke up, it was freaking scary.
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