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Full Version: {Buying} MFB and Plastic 4- Layer Beyblades
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I really need some MFB and Zero-G and 4-Layer Plastics, they're listed down below.
() means the condition or max money I'll pay for an item.
I will only pay by sending money, since I don't have PayPal unfortunately.
Ultimate Dragoon
Frostic Dranzer
Spark Knight
Uriel 2
Dark Dranzer
Dark Driger
Dark Draciel
Trygle 2 (any color)
Galeon 2 (any color)
Trygator (any color)
Death Gargoyle (any color)
Killer Eagle (any color)
Rushing Boar (any color)
Manta Diver (any color)
Orca Diver (any color)
Crab Diver (any color)
Apollon (any color)
Venus (any color)
Poseidon (any color)
Driger S (any color)

Shining God MS
Bloody Devil MS
GFC(UV/normal) (mint/not used much condition!)(30-50$)
HMS Grip(needed!!!)(70$)

I will update this later on. These would be prefers with 3 copies of the Beyblade, and NIB/mint for the plastics/HMS, mint condition/used for MFB.
I have a few of those listed in my selling thread, just look around...
Thank you!
Update! I am looking for these NIB Hasbro or Takara. They can be mint but I really would like them to be NIB.
Hey guys, come on give me some links! Thank you!
OkinawamTS has many old used beyblades and some mint/NIBs, check his store
I know his beyblade store. But the Random Booster Prizes are just way too pricey for me. I PMed him about lowering the prices. I'm waiting on his response.
Bum-bum-bumdedibump. Come on guys! I need some links!
I still have a bunch of these for sale and am offering a great deal on a combined purchase right now...
UPDATE: I would prefer these NIB.
Bum-bum-bumbedy bump.
Bump. I need a Driger S.
I've got a NIB one. Pm me.
Ok. Thanks, Ultra!
Do you only want takara versions of the first 9? Because if you do they're gonna be more expensive. Also I know i'm being pedantic but you do not need 4 layer series beys. There are only three out of nine things on the list you'll need and they're UFD, bistool and Gekiryu-oh. You want them. There's a massive difference between need and want. Also state conditions do you want them in because that's important.
Yes, I want these for collection purposes. I already found 7/9 of those Beyblades NIB. I stated that I'd prefer NIB or mint.
Eh no you didn't.
That's my point man. Just because you think you did something doesn't mean you did it. As such please update the OP.
Ok Smile Finished!
I need a Draciel MBD.
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