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Full Version: {Buying} MFB and Plastic 4- Layer Beyblades
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Anyone need a bistool I got one in good condition
OMG yes, I need one.
(Jun. 17, 2013  4:19 AM)fury sagittero Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone need a bistool I got one in good condition
i would buy a bistool pm me a price!
Ultimite, this is off topic... I already have a deal with him.
(Jun. 19, 2013  1:24 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]Ultimite, this is off topic... I already have a deal with him.
ok sorry shining god ms
It's ok Smile
i am selling a driger s
Already have a NIB deal with Ultra.
i have a spark knight for sale also
I'll give you a PM soon.
(Jun. 19, 2013  1:35 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]I'll give you a PM soon.
ok i could sell it for 10.00
Sounds good!
(Jun. 19, 2013  1:38 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds good!
ok pm me whenever.
I also need a Driger V2 also.
Thanks Orion!
Bump Would anyone in Michigan that's going to Summer Survival sell me a mint RB, and three mint R2Fs?(one should be from Cosmic Pegasus) PM me if you have any of these you are willing to sell.
Also... if you can I need a BD145.
Bump. RB not needed anymore.
(May. 16, 2013  5:24 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]I really need some 4-layer beyblades. They are posted down below.

Ultimate Dragoon
Frostic Dranzer
Spark Knight
Uriel 2
Dark Dranzer
Dark Driger
Dark Draciel
Trygle 2 (any color)
Galeon 2 (any color)
Trygator (any color)
Death Gargoyle (any color)
Killer Eagle (any color)
Rushing Boar (any color)
Manta Diver (any color)
Orca Diver (any color)
Crab Diver (any color)
Apollon (any color)
Venus (any color)
Poseidon (any color)
Driger S (any color)
I will update this later on. These would be prefers with 3 copies of the Beyblade, and NIB/mint.

I have a trygator, rushing boar, and frostic Dranzer, venus and apollon listed (w/ rushing boar) on ebay. direct paypal price would be eBay minus 10% shipped. Dio has a Trygle 2 in his selling thread. My prices are good - I'd say if you're not willing to pay what I'm listing them for then you may never get them...

BTW - you know that the Dark series are all identical other than color (and different WD), right? The way I see it, if you have one you have them all. There is a Dark Driger on YJA right now (or was when I looked a few hours ago). Yes you may want them all for a complete collection, but probably will spend no less than $300 to get all 5 (and wait several months too).
Thanks, spork!
Bump, OP Updated with what I need.
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