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Full Version: {Buying} MFB and Plastic 4- Layer Beyblades
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Bump... Iomis and Beelzeb not needed anymore.
Bump...MF not needed
Updated the OP with what I need!
Thanks! But, I really need MFB parts in the description.
I have a Ultimate Dragoon in decent condition without the 6 Wide WD. (Didn't check the other pages to see if you have already got it, too lazy lol)
Awesome! You don't happen to have a Wide Defense, do you? XD
No sorry, I can send you an 8 Wide with it instead from my Galzzly, I don't need it because I'm gonna freeze my Galzzly for the lolz.
Lolz make a video so I can see.
I'll post it on youtube then PM the link to you lol. So is the Ultimate Dragoon w/ 8 Wide ok?
Yeah, sure, where are you shipping from?
Scotland. I'll ship internationally if required. I prefer to trade rather than receive money but if your not up for that then no problem.
(May. 16, 2013  5:24 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]I really need some MFB and Zero-G and 4-Layer Plastics, they're listed down below.

Now for MFB and Zero-G
Clear Wheels
Escolpio, Orion, Ionis/Eonis, Horogium, and Unicorno II
Metal Wheels and Chrome Wheels(preferred mint condition)
Bottoms(mint condition preferred)
RSF(mint condition preferred X1), D, SD
I have all of these. I'll PM you a price
Are you going to take my Orion offer?
Already in a deal with someone else with more stuff, sorry :\
I am selling a Uranus CW and a SD Tip PM me an offer.
Dont need those anymore actually Smile
I also will sell my polta pm me an offer
i have a takara nib green trygle 2, pm me if you interested in it.
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