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Full Version: {Buying} MFB and Plastic 4- Layer Beyblades
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Bump! Updated OP!
Bump! Updated OP!
Why do you keep bumping your thread when 1. a big chunk of your money is tied up in a shining god auction and 2. You have made $$$ offers on 3 of my beys?
1. I am bidding on that Shining God MS.
2. As it sas in the OP, I don't have PayPal so :\
You didnt really answer anything. If your money is tied up bidding on SGMS how will you pay anyone who found what youre looking for? I said from the get go you didnt have to use paypal, but without it you are not protected from scams.
I'm using my dads PayPal. I might be able to buy from you.
Bumps make this bump therefore making the Big Bump Theory.
I said a bump, bump, bumpity bump.
Bumpity bump
I said a bump-bump-bumpity-bump, I said a bump, bumpity bump, bump bump bump.
Thanks Time!
Also, same seller, but without the stadium for $20 less
Just a note, if you didn't know: That is not the customizable HMS Grip as it depicts on the box. Looking at the contents will give you a look.
It will do for now,I think I'll get the stadium set with the HMS Grip so I have a legal stadium for Plastics tourneys.
still want to sell beys that you want to buy
I actually got some of the stuff I wanted, thanks though!
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