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Full Version: [Cumming, GA] 4/14/12- REDEMPTION
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I imagine the post was originally about the prizes you bought? ;D
They sound great, but it's not like I'll be winning them Grin *yells profanities about Ducktown Park*
Haha, yeah. Didn't realize I had posted once before.
Also, don't be so down on yourself! You've got a carpload of competitive parts, and you've placed twice out of four tournaments you've been to. Smile
Are you telling me I can get a Kreis Cygnus for FREE?! I so need to start customizing.
It's that darn Ducktown park I tellz ya! It's out to get me!
If you win a Fang I will Trade anything(NOT)for it if I come. Stupid
Will anybody be kind enough to let me have there spare stickers for my stadium ?
(Mar. 28, 2012  1:23 AM)Universe² Wrote: [ -> ]It's that darn Ducktown park I tellz ya! It's out to get me!

Universe you are in the top 100 or 50 I can't remember.You know how to use flash as an attacker (unlike me),So I say you have this in the bag, if not close.
But now Primal has Flash D:
And MxGIC already had it, but had a pretty huge fail in his combo XD
Well yeah.He had it in stamina mode.....Uncertain
And nice job with the prizes ,primal!
yea i might fail at this tourney to but now i have a super good Flash combo
No, the combo was amazing, But the problem was you had it in stamina mode.
That's probably why I beat you with diablo kerbecs BD145rf.
Every Flash combo is pretty good Tongue_out
I've decided that I'm going to going to be bringing 3-4 combos to the tournament.
Good idea.If I can go, I'm using 2-3 beys (that is if I can master flash's attack power that quick.:I
so i am bringing 4 beys a anti attack a normal attack a defense and a stamina
Dont know if i can attend, put me as unconfirmed...
Tired I feel so old school.....everyone has their Flash and Diablo and stuff, I've got a Death Kerbecs and a MLD :\ Oh, and a Big Bang Pegasus. You guys have too much new stuff. I NEED MORE MONEY! Well, if I want my precious Kreis.......
Got some good news and some bad news.

Good news is, I'm still able to host this tournament. Hopefully the first part of this post didn't make you think otherwise. Smile

Bad news, I won't be able to host or attend a BeyDays tournament (26th + 27th of May). I've got a wedding to go to.
A wedding on both days ? Try to negotiate at least one, hah ...
No, haha. I'm leaving for it on Saturday, and coming back on Sunday. It takes about 4-5 hours to get back from where it'll be held, so odds are I won't be back in time to host at a reasonable time.
Do a special "night-out" tournament on Sunday, hah. Seriously, it could be very interesting to just Beyblade until you drop ...
That's actually a pretty interesting idea. Everyone could bring a couple of cans of soda to keep them up, haha.

Parents probably wouldn't approve, but it's worth a shot. Smile
Tell them that it is for BeyDays, and how it is the single most important weekend of the year.
(Apr. 01, 2012  4:31 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Tell them that it is for BeyDays, and how it is the single most important weekend of your life.

You have to remember School. (Dang it) Crying
Where I live, the last day of school is the 25th, so school isn't a problem.

Could be different for other counties, though.
Would you like me to judge at REDEMPTION?
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