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Full Version: [Cumming, GA] 4/14/12- REDEMPTION
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Continuing our streak of monthly tournaments, I am back with my third official event! Having not hosted a tournament in three months (and with Georgia's not-so-good reputation), I think this tournament name is quite fitting! Smile

Important information:

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012 @ 2:00 PM

Location: Ducktown Park in Cumming, GA
Address- 5895 Heardsville Road, Cumming, GA 30028

Surface: Grass! If you have blankets, bring them!

Prizes: Fang Leone, Kreis Cygnus, and Death Quetzalcoatl!

Confirmed participants:
  • Primal
  • Harkins Supreme
  • MxGIC
  • Zer0
  • Ozerec
  • Purple Pony
  • killerblader
  • gyopi
  • Buddha0807
  • Matthew 711
  • thejakesword101
  • Bey Taser

Unconfirmed participants:
  • PSG-1
  • KaotiK
  • Sirius
  • redmouse22
Great to see that we finally have the thread up Grin
Hopefully, Ducktown won't be my doom...AGAIN...
I think this belongs in the North America forum, haha. Wink
lol, I just noticed that, I had came here through the new posts on the homepage, so I didn't even think about it XD
Well, mods, move this here thread please Grin
this should be an interesting tournament
Ducktown Park hates me. I broke my Beylauncher L and LRF! It better not ruin my Big Bang....Or else Primal! Just kidding. This sounds really fun, considering I missed the last tournament Smile
(Mar. 25, 2012  1:30 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: [ -> ]I think this belongs in the North America forum, haha. Wink

IIRC, the North America forum is for discussing possible tournaments, teams, etc. This actually got approved a while ago, and I was cleared to post the thread for it. Smile

Also, do you guys think we should do any sort of side event? To be honest, I'm kind of burnt out on them... Tongue_out
IMO, I think that it's not even really exciting or fun when everybody is using defense and stamina combinations anyways..but what that the case at Luck of The Bey? I didn't stay for the side event because I forgot my Galaxy :\
If there was some kind of Attack Type only rule, then sure, I'd like that, but apparently people don't like the "for fun only" aspect of the side events....
i think we should have a twisted side event
Basalt is hard to find and too boring for a thing like a GA tournament side tournament thingy.
If I may intrude...

What about a pre-Maximum uncustomized bey event? They would be easy(er) to find and there wouldn't be a huge power split.
Sounds pretty good to me...actually, THAT'S GENIUS GA'!
I can only see maybe 2 or 3 beyblades that will most likely do the best out of all pre-Maximum series beyblades.
inb4 earth aquila spam
Let's face it, there'll be at least one person that will use it Tongue_out

Thanks for the suggestion, Ga. If everybody's okay with that, I think we could make it work. Smile
inb4 lightning l-drago spam
I'm guilty of thinking about it...

And I am definitely fine with that Grin It seems even more fun than any of the other side events lol.
Primal figured out my immediate idea Unhappy maybe I could put my Beelzeb back together.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Just kidding, I'd lose with it and I can't use it.
Yea there is a thread now this is going to be FUN,and can u put RAVENXx on comfirmed he will be attending with me
Well, after battling against only 4 different beyblades, I know what I'm going to be using if we do the Pre-Maximum Series event Smile
YES new tournament Ducktown is my good luck charm i got in the finals twice at ducktown
How do I register for this tournament?
By saying "Im coming".
im coming
I don't know.Put me on unconfirmed.
Put me on unsure list.

How far is that from woodstock?
(Mar. 27, 2012  9:20 PM)Sirius Wrote: [ -> ]How far is that from woodstock?

Google Maps can be your best friend.

All sarcasm aside, it should be about 35-45 minutes. Really depends on traffic, to be honest.

EDIT: I have now ordered prizes from the WabbitStore! Be sure to thank him for supplying prizes! They are:
Kreis Cygnus!
Death Quetzalcoatl!
and Fang Leone!
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