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Full Version: Where is this game going?
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well hasbro hasnt even come out with half of them yet lol
I do not see how that is relevant. This thread is for evaluating the complete metagame, not the Hasbro metagame.
I was making a quick statement to what u said. u said MFB is done with its releases and I just simply said hasbro hasnt even come out with half of them yet which kinda sux thats all
Not the right place to say that, though, BlackHeart.
But still, seemingly you are trying to point out the 'availability factor' which does play a significant role in the complete metagame of different parts of the world.
As this thread has gone on for hundreds of posts, kindly forgive me for not having read through all of the responses.

I just wanted to weigh in my thoughts even with my limited experience with the game.

Some folks mention that there's a power creep in this game where better parts come out that outclass others. This is true with most games, from CCGs to MMOs. It's a natural progression for a game.

What I just wanted to say is that I think Takara Tomy has gone in the right direction by introducing the Zero-G beystadium in that it changes the power curve. Combos that are dominant in Attack Type or Stamina Type stadiums aren't going to necessarily dominate in a Zero-G environment. I play on both stadiums, and I have to say I really, truly enjoy Zero-G battles. It's a different way to improve the game ... instead of focusing on power parts for beys, there's now a stadium that requires a whole new way of thinking altogether.

While Zero-G isn't currently legal in the WBO tournament scene, anybody who owns a Zero-G stadium can tell you that battles there are different and the dominant combos in the current meta aren't as dominant there. And the battles are fun.

If you hold tourneys that feature both BB-10 Attack Type and Zero-G Attack Type (and later on Zero-G Defense), I seriously doubt that any one combo will dominate the meta. I think it's a step in the right direction. Don't just change the beys, change the stadium gameplay significantly.
Well said. I like what they've done as well. Smile
(Mar. 05, 2012  8:29 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 05, 2012  8:27 PM)Arupaeo Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 05, 2012  7:00 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Flash is not going to destroy the metagame. In fact, it helps to balance out the presence of Duo and Diablo which have hurt attack badly.

Similarly, 1 person's solo attack tests shouldn't be taken as gospel anyway. These things take time to be replicated and validated.

This is based on a number of people's results, enough to guarantee it is at least "good" at attack.

As for beating flash attack, it will probably just require using riskier combinations, probably Diablo-Based anti-attack combos or something. Considering I found the pre-flash metagame extremely dull, I would be glad to see it do well in attack.
Maybe MF-H Diablo Unicorno 85R2F will overthrow Flash, I will do tests as soon as I get my Flash Sag coming from South Korea. The Diablo combo I mentioned beat my MF-H VariAres R145R2F flat out so it's pretty good if it beat my VariAres combo to 95% Pinching_eyes

(Jan. 02, 2012  5:19 AM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]Well, one of the problems with taking a trip back in time, is that we know things now people didn't back then - try and recall how long it took people to realize Lightning was great, and that Quetz was overrated, and so forth. Going back to pre-maximum would probably result in a meta skewed in favor of Attack, which, if anything, would make that one a bit harder than the current one, which is stabilizing back at the old Attack > Stamina > Defense > Attack pattern.

This discussion a few pages back got me thinking:

What will we say a year from now, when Zero-G may be winding up? There are so many places to look for new combos that no one has thought of yet. Until every possible combo has been tested, which is an impossible feat, there still may be a few golden eggs waiting for someone to discover. Look at Inguilt's testing as of late. It's work like that that discovers strange combos that may end up changing the metagame entirely. The unorthodox combos are the ones that haven't been tested yet, and are therefore the places where a groundbreaking discovery may occur.
Well, clearly. That much seems a given to be honest. I would also expect Takara Tomy to keep the metagame fresh by releasing unique parts which can enrichen the game, allowing for unorthodox customisations.
(Jul. 10, 2012  8:14 PM)Cake Wrote: [ -> ]...
What will we say a year from now, when Zero-G may be winding up?

From a generation perspective, "classic" MFB ran from August of 2008 until February of 2012 - that's 3.5 years. Hopefully Zero-G will have a similar run and we won't be "winding up" in only a year...
Zero-G in and of itself is much more permitting of combos that seem "unorthodox" in a BB-10, so once those become legal, things could get pretty ridiculous in terms of what we use compared to now.
What I'm trying to get at is with the benefit of hindsight and additional testing on HWS/4D beyblades, the meta will be different, even ignoring the new Zero-G releases. Bias ("Flash is unbeatable") and lack of testing on certain wheels/parts (e.g. Bakushin Sunsanow) are affecting the meta in ways that can't entirely be seen until, at a later date, we have the benefit of seeing today's metagame from a distance.

EDIT: I don't expect Bakushin to have much of an effect on the metagame; it's just an example.
Bakushin was only a good part pre Maximum Series, it can outdo Earth in terms of stamina. Nothing much more to say, Earth outclassed it in terms of defense, and Vulcan had attack covered.
I expected as much. (Sorry for short post)
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