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Yes, you read that right, Spinoff is back on!

After a little negotiation the guys at the MCM Expo have agreed to give us some space for the tourney. Awesome, right? Now here's the hard part: forget everything you have previously heard about Spinoff. Seriously, it'll just confuse the hell out of you. Let's start a fresh, okay?

Okay. Spinoff is now a two day event. It'd be great if you could make both days but if you can only make one then that is fine too. We will have the main tourney on Saturday 23rd. It is scheduled to start at 12:00. This may be pushed back till like 12:30 if people are stuck in queues, etc, but no later than this. If you want to take part you must have registered before then. We will have free battles and demos to the other Expo attendees on both the Saturday (when we're not doing the tourney) and the following Sunday. We may have a mini tourney on the Sunday, depending on the number of people.

The actual tourney will start at roughly midday on the Saturday. If you've put down that you're coming and I can see you're not there then I can wait a bit but I'd like to get it started around that time. I'll post a picture or something later but for now, my number is *number deleted because you don't need it anymore*. Use as appropriate (running late, can't find us, etc.)

As Spinoff is now being hosted inside the Expo, you must buy a ticket. You can either buy a Fast Track Ticket that will allow you early and relatively queue free access to the event, or you can turn up on the day and buy a ticket when you get there. However, if you do this then you may have to wait in some pretty long queues. For that reason, it is advised that you order tickets in advance. For more inormation, please look here:

Transport to the Excel Center is easy as it has very close train and DLR links. Just start at the Excel Center and work backwords to your house! If you have any queries on how to get there then please PM me so I can help you out. Alternatively, this may be of help:

It would be nice if you could PM me or post to say you're definitely coming but if not then don't worry. In any case, spread the word and bring along as many friends as you can!

If you have any other questions or queries please ask here or PM me. I'll be sure to answer quickly. If it is a smaller question I would appreciate it if you PMed me rather than spamming up the thread. Thanks a lot in advance. Wink

Obviously the most important part is that we all get to meet and battle each other, but, as an added bonus, we have some prizes. Wink

1st Prize: 4x RBV2
2nd Prize: 3x RBV2
3rd Prize: 2x RBV2

1st Prize: 1x RBV2
2nd Prize: 1x RBV2
3rd Prize: 1x RBV2

For those of you who are curious, RBV2 is a pretty awesome RB. Most of the blades in it have good parts, and there's the chance of getting a Libra which is obviously a staple part. Here's what you could win:

Aquario 105B
Aquario DF145SF
Bull DF145HF
Libra 100F
Libra D125HF
Pisces D125BS
Virgo 100B
Virgo 125BS

It seems an attendance list is necessary we go. Joyful_3 It'd be great if anyone who is 'unconfirmed' could confirm whatever their answer may be as soon as possible. I do apologise if there are any mistakes, I'm sure you can understand that with all the 'it's on', 'no it's off', 'no it's on', 'no it's off' stuff, it is a little confusing. ^^;

Hosts (both days)

Confirmed Attendees (saturday unless stated otherwise)
Brian (no idea, Espio's mate)
Charlotte (possibly both days? need to ask Blitz)
cutewolfsam (possibly both days)
dieddead46 (sunday only)
Munkerz (both days)
Newt (no idea)
Ryan (no idea, Espio's mate)

Not so sure about...
Gravity Fox

I am hesitant to put any more than that. I don't want people to be put down for something they had no intension of going to and then people getting annoyed at them for it. ^^; Who knows, I may have already put too much. :X

As you can see on page 12, Espio is working on another list but let's wait a little till that's updated here. :3
Rocky is now in charge of this event. I've contacted Chozen so if he hasn't mailed me the MFB yet they will be put towards this event.

Thanks so much to Rocky for pulling this off. Grin
So I presume one of us should lock the other spinoff threads, to avoid any more confusion.

Did I mention this is amazing news? Smile

Great job Rocky!
Rocky, you're a goddamn miracle worker.
Thanks for doing this for us !!! Joyful_2 You did the impossible.

EDIT: And Congrats !!! Well deserved.
Rocky for committee! Saviour of Spinoff!
Great job Rocky! Everyone should be really grateful for this. But seriously, you should get a face or something for doing this. The other organizers didn't really show enough intiative so it's good your in charge now Smile
Rocky you honestly deserve a face for this.

EDIT: Holy carp you already got one XD Either way you earned it!
Wow, great job Rocky! It was awesome that you did this. Grin
Hope you get a great turnout.
(May. 06, 2009  12:25 AM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]Rocky you honestly deserve a face for this.

EDIT: Holy carp you already got one XD Either way you earned it!

She'll get another one after the event. I'm so impressed.
And would have earned that one as well

Seriously, I don't think I am the only one who thought Spinoff had completely died. It's great to see new life breathed into it.

Now you people better get of your asses and go!
I thought the Spinoff had died too. But it's great to see everything is working out. So on Beyday, there'll be BWR up in Canada, Spinoff in the UK and there'll be something going on in Australia. Should be a really busy day XD

btw Rocky do you have anyone that will be helping you with all this, like helping you set up at the expo, I'd hate to see that you were doing everything on your own?
*waves hand* I'll be going up on the Friday to help Rocky set up.
Can't wait for this now Grin
Rocky, you're like Phoenix downs to spikey haired blonds! Count me in for the Sunday mini tournament Grin
Nice job Rocky Smile
Rocky, one word WOW I can't belive you got spinoff back on great job. Smile (even though I can' t come Unhappy )
(May. 06, 2009  12:39 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]She'll get another one after the event. I'm so impressed.

Face of the Wyvern perhaps....? Wink
Ahaha, it's gonna be mighty embarassing if I screw up now or something. XD

Thanks guys, nice to see everyone still behind this even with so many initial confusions. Smile And omg face. 8D
THANK YOU ROCKY! Grin Now I can go school happy!
Yes, you should all thank Rocky very much ... she did something really amazing here.

Rocky, I've forwarded you the media kit as promised to your e-mail. If you need anything else drop me a line.
wait does this mean we need to reregister?
Register for what? You don't need to 'register' with the Expo people, you just need to buy a ticket, be that at the event or beforehand, online. You have to register with the WBO if you want to rank up beypoints but you're already a member so that won't be a problem for you. ^^;
I would still encourage you to have a laptop at Spinoff if you can, and if there is wireless at MCM ... so you can register users for the WBO before the event.

Need to get going on that tournament guide ...
Aha, I was just PMing Blitz about that. Not sure where we're gonna get one yet but I'll do my best. ^^;

Tournament guide? For Spinoff or BWR? Chocked

Also, having some minor margin/folding issues with the pamphlet. I'm working on it though. Pinching_eyes_2 Thanks for all the stuff though. I'm gonna send the pictures to the MCM guys as they wanted some. Still need to write some 'text for the website'.
The text for the website is on the pamphlet, dear.
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