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Full Version: [London, UK - 1/10/2011] Back to the Basics (Last chances!)
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Hello UK bladers! Its that time again!
That's right, another tournament, this time held by myself and Hell Kid!

Specific info:

When: 1st of October 11:30AM until it finishes.
If you do turn up after 11:30AM there is a chance you won't be able to take part and your place will be given to someone else!

Where: Regents Park Bandstand

Directions to the bandstand:
If you don't know this by now you can find the directions here -

Map of the Park -

Tournament Format: Standard MFB
Block Round Robin / Double Elimination -
(Event Guide - )

This is the WBO universal format rule book (READ IT, if not already)-

The regular price is £3
Or free If you have purchased a Blader Passport,
which is available to buy on the day for £6

Credit to Blitz for format.

You can only go on the attendance list if you are 120% sure you can come!
Remember if a parent/s is bringing you to the tournament to let them know that the times may vary!

Confirmed Attendees: Double Elimination FIXED

- Manicben
- Hell Kid
- brazman
- madmuppet98
- Shadow Scythe
- ControL_s SouL_
- ThePokeBlader
- Hell Reaper
- alx
- LeeDraciel
- ControL_'s G
- L-Drago2012
- Blitz
- Saint
- Ahmed
- ✯Black✯Star✯
- Enzoxs
- Cyber Kerberous
- destructionbull
- rentao
- SoulBlade#IV
- Tarik125
- dream blader
- number 1 blader
- KillerBladez
- dragon blader
- ZeroBlade#1
- beyblade247
- Amarillo_pices

Reserves list:

- Vamp69
- SheerBlade#III
- BlazingFire
- Themfbeybladers

Awesome. Good job making this official man!
I can come. I was meant to be on that list already...
This tournament is open anyway.
i can come
I'm in. please put me down thanks
Me me me add me to that ting blad.

This will be fun!
Put me down please.
Awesome Cant Wait XD So Many Tournaments! Its Amazing!
Reserves me please!
Sorry, actually put me on the confirmed list please!
Why is it called Back to the Basics?
Confirmed list please
(Sep. 08, 2011  7:39 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: [ -> ]Why is it called Back to the Basics?
I think ... it was supposed to be a tourney with no maximum series parts! ...Or it could of been just basalt... But i think it is illegal to just ban parts like that, that is why they are not doing it anymore.

We could not really have processed such a tournament, because winning in a a battle with such limits is not the same as winning in a regular tournament, so it was not entirely fair to process them in the Beypoint System.
lol urm wtf i cant make it sorry......
take me off the list plzs
Wow, all of the judges cant come... This is gonna be tough...
Hopefully more people come!
And to all who cant come, this date is FIXED and will not change.
Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
could you put me on pls
How many stadiums are we looking at getting? Also I can be a judge if you want.
There is a possibility I may come, and as usual, judging. Put me on reserved/unconfirmed.
Attendees please.
I can bring a stadium and help judge if you want.
i may come
(Sep. 09, 2011  7:42 PM)ControL_ Wrote: [ -> ]There is a possibility I may come, and as usual, judging. Put me on reserved/unconfirmed.

In fact, judges have been decided. Grin
So judges will be me, Hell Kid, madmuppet98 (if he comes) and
ControL_s SouL_ if ThePokeBlader doesnt want to.

Plus, if Hell Kid dies, then Ultrablader can step up. Grin

If Lee sees this, forget my PM.

And if people could bring stadiums, that would be swell. PM me please if you are.
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