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Full Version: Laporte IN Meet-up! Saturday March 28th!
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The tourny would be held in Laporte, Indiana and will be hosted by kai12. It will be held on March 28th sometime, a Saturday. Get to the tournament by 1 p.m., which is the starting time. Right now, unless someone else wants it changed thats coming it will be Plastic/HMS/MFB Format(all included). Official WBO rules will be followed. Not sure on the tournament format, yet, though. I want to get a list of people that think they can make it, so we can get stuff ready. So far we have:
For Sure
Kai12's friend

Possible (the people that didn't say no)
My bro's friend/my friend
Update, it should be held in Kesling Middle School in Laporte, IN. Address is 306 East 18th Street. Thats where Kai12 says he's gonna host it at. Apparently, when you get there go straight until you see a sign that says Laporte, the Play Port, or something like that.
We really need more people to make this happen, anyone?
and this is a plastics hms and mfb tourney so the entry fee will be 1$ or 2 and we will be useing takara stadiums sr
its gonna be 2$ were gonna be needing a board to check wat place we are like semi finals and finals and also we need to records this so pichuscute is gonna be doing that and we need a judge so im thinking about my parents
Okay, I edited my first post with the information you added. We can hange the format of the tourny if someone who is coming only has plastics or something.
well i was thinking about we set up 3 stadiums one for plastices one for hms and one for mfb
I don't think we'll have enough of a prize for a tourny for each kind. We can just hold free battles afterwards.
yea good idea
its gonna happen my parents said yea and there are gonna be the judge so im gonna have to teach them how to so i hope ppl can make this
UPDATE: The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 21st. To everyone I pmed that could come, post here if the date is okay and you can make it.
We have decided on using the Modified Round Robin tournament setup. Hope more people can come. Answer if ya can or can't. Right now we have either 4 or 5 people coming.
I cant Bro So Sorry But I would If I was old enough I wish i could come with you
You can't come its just gonna a small tourny and it'll be a bunch of teen guys.
Pichuscute, if your sister wants to be a Blader, you should let her come. :p
.....Fine. =P
Oh, BTW, I have a beyblade as part of the prize for the tourny if someone that isn't in my family wins, lol.
i wonder waat blade is the prize
You'll find out when we get there, don't expect much, lol.
lol so is anybody comeing besides your bro sis my friend
probably the guy from indy and maybe a few(3) others....havent gotten anymore answers yet
I think you guys might be a bit too ambitious trying to organize a tournament with such few people.
(Feb. 15, 2009  7:23 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]I think you guys might be a bit too ambitious trying to organize a tournament with such few people.
beybrad this my first time hosteing a tourney and its a small tourney i know it does not seem that good but iam trying Tongue_out
Yeah, Potentially we would have the same amount that Anubis has had before, so it aint too bad. BTW, at the least, I'd just be meeting Kai12 to just free battle,so it would be worth it anyway. There are only a few people, though =(. I just can't travel very far.
Is The Beyblade Prize gonna Be a Combo or Not
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