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Full Version: How to Write a Draft That Doesn't Suck: A Guide.
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1.) Questions you should ask yourself before attempting a draft include:
Do I own this Bey?
Are there test results for this Bey?
Are those test results validated?
Do I actually know anything about Beyblade?

If you cannot answer each of these questions with a resounding <<Yes!>>, then the draft should not be attempted.

2.) So you answered yes to all of those questions? Good! Now you should look up what you DO NOT know about the Bey you are writing about. Things to look for include Takara-Tomy/Hasbro's Type Classifcation, Product Number (Plastics and HMS/MFB), other versions, weights of parts (Plastics/MFB), and individual parts names.

3.) Now assuming you actually cared enough to do all of this (chances are you didn't) the next step would be to ACTUALLY WRITE THE ARTICLE. Astounding, I know. When writing an article, you are basically writing individual parts descriptions. If the part is included in another Beyblade, or already has it's own article (Some WD's and BB's), then simply link to that page, unless the information is outdated or otherwise incorrect, in which case you might consider rewriting the article for that part as well. When writing about parts, be sure to avoid adding personal bias. Do not claim a part is good if it is not, and do not claim a part is bad just because you do not like it. During your writing, you should actively avoid being too wordy and using hollow descriptors such as 'very' and 'a lot', and should focus primarily on writing about the parts competitive use, preceded by a SMALL description of the parts physical appearence. Chances are your article has/will have pictures, and most people do not quite care what the aesthetics are. Be sure your description is both adequate and correct, noting all uses of the part, do not concern yourself with what the part CANNOT do. Ask yourself if everything you have mentioned can be backed up by [hopefully more than one set of] test results After completing each section, make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, you are not reptitve, that you have used purposeful and moderate to high diction, that their are no syntactical errors, that you have written in the active voice, and that you have written in the third person. Avoid colloquial diction as well; words such as "brilliant" and "rad" are not good descriptors.

4). When writing the overall section, briefly note upon the major strengths of each part, and if there are none, than do not mention them. You should note if it serves competive use, if it's best parts are outclassed or available in more useful releases, and if it would be suited to any niche of users, such as Attack Enthusiasts. Forget how much you payed for it, or how much you like it, be brutally honest, and decide if and who you actually reccomend it for, the general populace, a niche, or collectors only.

5.) The next step is to publish your draft in this forum, taking advice from other [reputable] members, and making neccessary adjustments. After you have done this, await moderator approval.

6.) After recieving approval, be sure you know how to format your article. I recommend copy+pasting another article for a similar Bey (i.e. from the same system, and same sub-section of that system), and later replacing the information with what you've written for your [approved] draft. Now you can publish! Click here for information of formatting and publishing.
looks good Grin just hope people will actually read it XD, this should be in the important threads but of course no one reads those either XD
Indeed,i agree this should be stickied.
What do you mean by Resultas?
Haha, whoops.
Fixed :V
(Dec. 06, 2010  2:58 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]Haha, whoops.
Fixed :V

Anyway, good thing to have Mc Frown. I'll use this more often.
5 stars my friend now we'll have less people making drafts about beys they do not own
Do you think this good try?

It seems to have positive feedback from others.
It's fairly good, needs some cleaning up, some trimming, improved combos, and an improved overall section, but nevertheless one of the better attempts I've seen recently content wise.
(Dec. 06, 2010  3:34 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]It's fairly good, needs some cleaning up, some trimming, improved combos, and an improved overall section, but nevertheless one of the better attempts I've seen recently content wise.

Well I understand what you're saying, but I can't completely agree with the combos, since on Gaia Dragoon's page, it shows Triple Tiger as an option for good combo. But I'll add a better option for a combo. Thanks for the feedback.Stupid
But the Magnecore?
I think Wide Defense is almost always a better option for the WD as well.

EDIT: and cool, it's stickied.
thank you Mcfrown! great work here
Slight mistake in number 4. too lazy to quote it so I just copied and pasted. wrong kind of there ^^

4). When writing the overall section, briefly note upon the major strengths of each part, and if their are none, than do not mention them.

hah bolded etc for you. scanning the page for more errors Wink you tell us to write an article wthout errors and your guidlines have errors themselves hah jokes ^^ anyway good report thingy, that stuff comes naturally to me though Tongue_out

anyway some feedback on this?

Meteo L-Drago LW105LF just wondering..
[attachment=4489]Here how's this? I do own this blade, but I assembled this info from the BeyWiki itself, but I wrote the clear wheel and face part.
I do beleive this topic should be locked. There is no further discussion to do with the matter /:
I've seen a lot of people doing this lately, but I don't want to make a topic just for this so I guess it fits here best.

For 4D Metal Wheels, people need to write in the correct format.

Here's an example of what people are doing wrong:

Incorrect Example Wrote:4D Metal Wheel
This Metal Frame goes with the core, as well as the PC Frame (if there is one). Etc.

This core goes under the Metal Wheel, etc.

Use in Customization

That implies that the Core is not part of the 4D Metal Wheel. Except it actually is.

What it should be, is:

Correct Example Wrote:4D Metal Wheel
Composed of a PC Frame, Metal Frame, and Core. Mode changes, overall attributes of the Metal Wheel.

Use in Customization

PC Frame
Looks, what it does, how it affects mode changes if any.

Metal Frame
Looks, what it does, how it affects mode changes if any

Looks, what it does, how it affects mode changes if any.

In that order! The reason is because the PC Frame is always on top, the Metal Frame is always in the middle, and the Core is always on the bottom. If the beyblade doesn't have all three, only put the two that it does have, in the same order.
: True, that's been grinding my gears. If you're going to write a draft, at least know how to format the list of parts.

Anyway, I'll definitely use this if I ever get to make another draft. Chances of that are exceptionally slim seeing as how fast some people get new releases. Tongue_out
Posted this in a draft thread, but I figure it's worth mentioning here given it's relevance.

"Think about WHY you're writing drafts. If it's to "stick up" for a bey you love, it's not the right reason. If it's to write drafts for all beys in a particular series, it's the wrong reason. If it's to get the face thingy, it's the wrong reason (and the wrong way to go about it). If it's to share information and contribute selflessly with good quality material, then congratulations, you're doing it for the RIGHT reason.

And even then, doing it well is an entirely different matter."
hey how do i post my draft here i have it saved in word format sohow do i post it??
You copy it and you paste it in a new topic in the Beywiki Project forum ...