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Full Version: [Manhattan, New York 10/16/2010] Big Apple Bey Brawl - Central Park South
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ohhh yeah cant wait 1 more day till im the winner
ohh yeah by the way i have 3 rings im bring to the tounament
(Oct. 15, 2010  3:35 AM)Ikki Wrote: [ -> ]
(Oct. 15, 2010  3:27 AM)TheSilverBlader Wrote: [ -> ]awesome a lot of people are coming I was about to ask you to put me on the maybe list MorningMess because I wasn't so sure if my brother had the time to take me or if he had to work but I am confirmed and I will be going even though I only have 2 beys I made a pretty good combo on one of them

I only have 2 beys too...
But we can do this! One more day after today hehe Smile

Good Luck
I'll be there me and my team an't that right dannyboi04
hey dont forget i said i was coming too BBA Revolution all day
bu bu bu bulll i'll be there too lync139 BBA Revolution
I'll b there 2 you guys dont for get about me!!!!!

im entering to
i'll be there cant count me out
i'll be there to Libra BBA revolution all th way
put me on the maybe list but 75 % say i will be there
BBA all day
wow i hope we can can come well i see you guys out side
Alright guys, tomorrow's the big day! Hope to see you all there. If any of you are in the area and have some question, feel free to PM me. I'll also be around the park today in Central Park.
Double good luck MM.
Yeah good luck MM and everyone have fun and be safe :]

Hope you have more then 1 TT stadium lol
I'm probably going to be in and around Heckscher today too
Around what time Cye?
From around 6-12
12 at night? xD Mad late. Anyway, I'm gna head there around 4 and I'm gna stay there for a few.
Yeaah, my friends an I usually train in that area until that time.
Ohh alrighty. Well I'm gna be wearing a light brown lucky star bag so yeah.
I'll be wearing black sweatpants, grey sneakers, and either a white tshirt or a grey sweater. Oh, and if there are people jumping around on stuff like the playground, or flipping, or walking on their hands, or playing around with scaffolding, I'm probably there.
Ahh alrighty. Would you mind if I take pictures? Because I'm most likely going to bring my camera to try and get a few photos for my portfolio.
I don't mind at all.
Gianc6 is coming by my house to pick up the stadiums in case i cannot come. So those stadiums are guranteed to come, because my Beyspirit is so stroing T_T.
tomorrows the big day so lets all give it our best shot
Darn it so many NA tournys. Just gonna wait for the right UK one
Good luck to all attending this tourny, may the rewards be satisfying - win or lose.
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