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Full Version: [Manhattan, New York 10/16/2010] Big Apple Bey Brawl - Central Park South
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lightninglibraX: Just be sure to have him post here so that MorningMess can know.

MorningMess: Alright sounds good.
ok i'm posting here saying that i may be able to come also. so MorningMess can know lol. also how much would the ray unicorno be? seeing that i won't be able to wait until late december 4 it.
Well since Dimsum2u sells it for about $37, I'd probably sell it for $40-$43. Since there will be no wait or anything.
I may also come. Please add me to maybe list.
Morning Mess could you please sign me up for the tournament
Good luck in your tourney guys Grin
Jeez it seems like every time I look at the first post the starting time is earlier and earlier. haha
(Sep. 26, 2010  1:42 AM)kngoftherng Wrote: [ -> ]Jeez it seems like every time I look at the first post the starting time is earlier and earlier. haha

Lol wut?
I just think the starting time for the tournament keeps getting earlier. It probably isn't, but it just seems like it is to me. I think it's just me not wanting to wake up early to drive. haha
Hmm.. I think I should change the times around so the people who don't like close to the area can have enough time to drive here and stuff.
Well if you made it like 60-90 minutes later that would make things a lot easier. Because I was planning on getting there earlier anyway to help set up and so we could discuss judging and everything. But I'm sure that everyone who is traveling would enjoy a little more time to sleep.

And would there be anything happening after the tournament ends? Like a group outing to a food place or something?
Lol hmm.. Yeah we can do that. Find a place around Manhattan that's close to central park that isn't too expensive.

EDIT: I changed around the times to a later time since kngoftherng pointed out something really important. I made the times a little later so everyone doesn't have to wake up early and also so that people have enough time to get here.
[/size]I want to go because i mastered my speciel move metor blast
I might come
I am gonna since i am located in ny finnally
Hey bladers I just want to say I can go to the big apple bey brawl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Count me and my bey in too
Wow I didn't expect more than 20 people to be coming to this.

If you guys can, bring your Takara Tomy stadiums so we have enough for everyone.
Pegasus thunder whip for stamina types or free play
PTW are horrible in general and I suggest only using it for free play. But it also depends on how many stadiums we're going to have.
PTW are not approved for WBO tournaments so we can't use them for anything besides free play anyway.
I might be able to come...Joyful_3
Help!Pinching_eyes which time do I follow?! I can't tell what to do now! Please help me, MorningMess, what time does free play start and when does the actual tourney start. You put 2 different times. AND another question, can you bring a friend that isn't registered on WBO? If I do, there will be one more stadium(mine and his).


When life gives you waffles, life give you waffles, grin and bear it.XD
Free play is 2pm - 3pm. The tournament starts at 3:15pm. And I'm pretty sure they have to be registered in order to participate. I'm not sure if they can register after the tournament or not. But they have to be a member here eventually. Just get your friends to sign up and post here. And of course they need to pay the $5 entrance fee or the $10 fee for the blader passport.
Everything get updated on the first page if anything changes. Check back there every now and then to see if anything changes. But for now, the only thing that changed is the time.
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