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Full Version: [Manhattan, New York 10/16/2010] Big Apple Bey Brawl - Central Park South
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Is any one using an attack type
nobody will answer your question because then you will find a way to beat everybody in the tourney
is anybody who is going to the tourney have earth aquilla ( earth eagle) if you do can we trade please i've been looking for it forever so please if youre going to the tourney bring earth eagle and trade with me i am bringing Dark Wolf ( not up for trade) flame Sagittario Dark bull Rock Aires and customised L drago Rock Leone and Storm Aquario.
i doubt any1 will trade u for those beys. earth eagle is the best one u can get from hasbro rite now, so maybe u could buy it from som1.
i have a extra earth eagle but the preformence tip broke you can still have it if you want
I might attend I live in CT sooo yea Grin
hey if you guys have any beyblades you don't want can you please give them to me for free because i only have 2
hw can i join?
(Oct. 08, 2010  8:54 PM)MorningMess Wrote: [ -> ]If you want to attend, just post here and I'll mark you as going. Please, read everything on the first post.
im coming......Smile
I got to got to this tournament. I have to compete! I'm in it to win it!
I'm going too
I might go because it's on my birthday but I'm not so sure.
I'm going. I might also bring friends.
im also going
(Sep. 17, 2010  8:42 PM)MorningMess Wrote: [ -> ]Huge quote of first post removed.
Lol what was the point of doing that?
Cant attend Mess when are you going to make another tourney
Probably at the end of the school year in June next year.
If things go well I might look into hosting some myself. I'm trying to find an indoor venue because I'd hate to have to wait until the winter is over to go to another tournament.
Thanks for the reply
im coming waiting for this since season 1 of beyblade my first tournament
no if they are just watching, they do not have to pay.
looks great
man i wish they had tournaments in florida... those lazy toys r us people never do anything.

Im confirmed for coming!
im a newb though.. well first time for everything
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