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Full Version: Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Plastic (PLA)
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This thread is for Plastic Gen combinations used by the top three winners at WBO Organized Play events only.

To post combos on this thread, you must either be
  • The organizer(s) for the event
  • Own at least a Gold, Silver or Bronze Bit
Posting winning combos in this thread while not meeting any of the criteria above may result in warnings.

Discussion of winning combos is allowed by everyone else.

In your post, please state the
  1. Tournament name
  2. Either tournament information (e.g. rank status, match type, format etc.) OR tournament link
  3. Winning combos for top 3 winners
  4. Photos & videos, optionally. Make your post lively with media and font changes!
  5. Other relevant information
e.g. of post: (Click to View)
Wyborger Unranked Plastics
Roller Defense Ring Eight Heavy Right Engine Gear (Circle Defenser) Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) Circle Survivor
Tiger Defenser Wide Survivor Customize Grip Base Defense Ring Neo Right Spin Gear Shells Double Bearing Core SG (Bearing Version) Shaft
Twin Horn Wide Survivor Customize Grip Base Cross Survivor (Unknown Left Spin Gear) Bearing Base Shaft
Nah I’d Drig: Rise Of The Master Goon
Unranked Plastics’d...on--110458

Wing Cross 10Balance Right Spin Gear Bearing Version 2 Fortress Base
Tiger Defenser 10heavy Neo Right Spin Gear Heavy Metal Core SG Metal Flat Base(Gaia Dragoon V ver.)
War Lion(War Lion SAR) Wide Defense Left Spin Gear Bearing Version 1 Customize Grip Base Cross Survivor