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Full Version: [London, UK, 6/8/2010] Rule Beytania - St. James’s Park
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Matt and eveyrone i can't wait to kick all of your asses at this tourney Tongue_out .
looking forward to this one woo with all the practice you guys had from beyparty this is going to be tough
and also with the combination of luck thrown into the mix at this stage i cant pick anyone 4 sure to come first
and sam you'll have to go through the supernova first lol
you wont beat me that easily if i can beat leedraciel than i should be able to take you on
Haha lol i bet it was more with the type you chose and with the luck you got when you picked it Wink .
As much as I love the poster Ellz, maybe get rid of the pricing/time thing so that it only says 'Rule Beytania - St.James' Park 6/8/10'
I think it should keep to a realistic poster style, you'd have the event time and price on any band event poster.
You have to be so picky, don't you Joe ? I think it would lose it's originality with that taken away due to the fact that it would be plain and dull even though it'so nly a few words but also for memories Smile.
I might be coming to this, i'm doing work experiance and we're visiting st jamses park anyway sooo.
I will be attending this one
Considering attending. I personally think beyblade is down to luck but one time I had a metal Draciel and prayed to it that I wanted it to win and I won the WPS tournament.

Well good luck guys from what I know Director is underrated but I'm rooting for The Chief to win.

Good luck to all participants. Make sure you say the 3 magical words before you do battle. Wink
I just spoke to rkayd, he seemed pretty good, said he placed 2nd in Japan. For some reason I got the idea that he was laughing at my achievements Confused but still seemed like a cool guy. Could people tell me some of their placements please in tournaments. I'm interested. Grin
Wow thnx Brazil, no one's ever rooted for me
I might come but i am not sure about the dates cuz im going on holiday
I'll definitely be going to this : D
definately coming sign me up as coming
too bad for me i've just come back to france
this is going to be awesome
hey flightyellz ill be there to take you and your blade down
Glad you'll be coming, and it'll be great to give some new bladers a shot at being UK number 1 ^ ^
hi yes im new and i dont no any1 from the forum i was wondering if we could have a meet at greenpark station cause i tend to get lost alot.....
Hey guys im finally back on, my laptop hasn't let me onto the WBO for over a month for some reason.

Anyway I can't make this one as i have work but depending on when i finish i may be able to show my face at the end. Y'no say hi and stuff, maybe get a few matches in. I hope everyone has a great time and Ellz......well you have escaped me this time so you might keep your title a little longer than i had planned haha
aww man lee I was hoping you'd come
im the only blader representing bethnal green now xd
(Jul. 24, 2010  8:49 AM)LeeDraciel Wrote: [ -> ]Ellz......well you have escaped me this time so you might keep your title a little longer than i had planned haha
Pfft, talk with your game 4th place lol.
ellz dont you remeber me from the bey party?
I do, but you're still a new blader.
Isn't like you've been around here for years.
im a commin!!!!
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