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Full Version: [London, UK, 6/8/2010] Rule Beytania - St. James’s Park
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cool i was going to try and make them just biscuit covered in chocolate but ill ask on the day if i make them about allergies, dont worry i dont want to kill anyone
The main problem is that a lot of chocolate contains nut extracts, biscuits obviously contain wheat and flour, all of which are things that people can suffer allergic reactions too.
The last thing I want to be doing at a tournament is randomly stabbing at someone with an EpiPen, because they will end up getting it in the gizzard (regardless of where it's meant to go).
I wont do it then just to be safe sorry guys but i agree with flight's point i have problems too and i dont want to cause any more, i just wanted to do something to help oh well ill just settle with ordinarly kicking your butts instead
As I think I already told theflightyellz though, responsible allergic kids should know not to risk anything anyway. Even if you told me that the cookie is free of my allergens, if you manipulated it with your hand, then I should not accept it unless I saw you wash your hands before, and even then I am unsure of how the preparation went.
My main problem is for kids who don't actually know they have an allergy.
A large number of kids may not be aware of the fact that they have an allergy to bee stings, it isn't until it's actually happened that you'd know.

Just bring them anyway, but be cautious offering them out.
No im alright im not doing it i better not now im sorry i brought up the idea
put me on the list
I'll try to actually come this time, and if I shall be lucky, may buy some new blades either there, online or (seeing as they'll be released here by then) at a store while I'm at it.
Just warning im comig with a firend because mum cant afford ticket so its first time on a train and in london, he doesn't have to be inn the tournament if he cant im just saying i wont be alone because mum doest want me to be lone
can't come guys i'm going itally for the summer damn i would have pwned you with my new combo (no sneak peaks) anyway i'm defineyly coming to the next onethen you will see my combo
i missed another chance to meat you flight yells anyways you'd better hope tha i don't whhoop your back side at the next one
Shame, hope you enjoy your trip to Italy Smile
As for you "whhooping my back side", think you have more chance of growing a tail XD
But we'll see, weirder things have happened at tournaments before.
(Jul. 08, 2010  9:15 PM)jjsonickid Wrote: [ -> ]who's gonna make a buying and selling thread

i'd also like to know if anyone is selling
we shall see flight yellz Wink
survival of the fittest Smile
Updated the first post with a sales thread
Ellz and admins i'm sorry for my language that i'm going to use but carp yes i'm going Grin !!! Sorry i'm just really happy, please give me a warning or something Smile .
Ellz could you please put my name up on attending please, thankyou.
bladers of britain make me proud i shall be training in italy by the way whens the expo?
The expo is at the last few days of August but there may not be a tournament at that time, so please don't get your hopes up.
I forgot to ask sorry for making so many posts but can i brig my camcorder, its mainly cuz i want to film my first time london for my yt channel
Yeah, of course. Loads of us normally film most of the event as well.
Cool i really cant wait thinkng about bringing a blaket to ly on when because i dont think i can sit normally on the floor anymore
will we be playing on the grass or on that round concrete thing like last time
Dude i hope it's on grass since the concrete carped up my WB and RF last time Uncertain .
i can make dis one, put me down as comin.
Added this tournaments graphic to the front post.
Would anyone be interested in buying posters for this event?

They'd be A3 sized at £2, featuring the page one graphic on a large scale with beige backing to give them an old school kind of look.
A profit will go to the WBO from them, and they'd be a limited run (the back of each one being numbered by myself), so it'd be an original piece of WBO art basically.

[Image: picture2rmm.png]

PM me if interested.
I'll take a poster, still have the one from Spinoff Tongue_out
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