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Gachinko Chip - Ashura - Adarsh Abhinav - Mar. 14, 2019

Quote:Gachinko Chip - Ashura was Released as a part part of Burst System as well as Gachinko Layer system. It Debuted from it's release in B-135 Bushin Ashura.Hr.Kp 天 on 15th March, 2019.
Gachinko Chip-Ashura, Like Other right spinning T Chips of Gachinko Layer system, has the teeth for beys to assemble. Like It's Namesake It features Ashura, Demon from Hindu Mythology. Like All Other right spinning Gachinko Chips, Ashura is compatible with all right spin Layer Bases, and all Layer weights.
This is Bit chip 2.0

RE: Gachinko Chip - Ashura - SS2 Blader - Aug. 25, 2019

*Clap *Clap *Clap *Clap (It's supposed to be fast)