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RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Whatzzer - Dec. 08, 2011

So many people are away because of exams.I'm very lucky my final exam started on September.December is basically just holidays to me.BTW,I'll be gone from Next Friday to Tuesday(GMT 8.00+)

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Livingdeadgirl - Dec. 09, 2011

im going to be gone till wedsday im going to be busy with SOLs and work for my classes.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - ƛnubis - Dec. 10, 2011

I am going to be gone for Mid terms. So that means my story wont be updated (who cares) and the forum wont have as much whining about sports as it usually does.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Primal - Dec. 11, 2011

I think I'm taking a temporary break from Beyblade.

I just can't find time for it, with being in all advanced classes (which means tons of studying and/or homework), after-school activities, and the fact that nearly everything else in my life takes precedence over it.

I'll still be trolling around the forums, though, just not as much as usual Wink

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Thresher - Dec. 13, 2011

I finally finished Marine Combat Training! I should be around more regularly from now on.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Raigeko13 - Dec. 13, 2011

Great to see you back brosky!
I remember your leaving post, one of the few that I actually do. e.e
You've a lot to catch up on! Welcome back! ;D

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Vulcan Blaze - Dec. 15, 2011

I won't be on for a while, because I am helping my friend in a different forum. Sorry that you have a lot of homework Austin.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - PattyCakeChamp! - Dec. 17, 2011

Maybe you have noticed but I'm back when my bb-10 broke I stopped but recenly spinning a Bey I am feeling it again !

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Headenbr3 - Dec. 17, 2011

Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone remembers who I am or anything...but I am Headenbr3. I went away for a while after a few circumstances in my life made it where I couldn't focus on this, or any hobby for that matter. Now I am back and ready to get back into the game and into the forum. After this coming Sunday (the 18th), I should even be able to start posting and contributing.

I have been out of the game for a while and because of that, I will need to read up a bit on how the game has changed. Another thing I will need is some advice on what are viable purchases that are available from Hasbro. I will be asking these questions in the proper threads, but, if you guys want to direct me to the proper areas then be free to let me know.

Ok guys, I'm done with my long winded speech...I really hope that I can get in engaged with the forum again and make some friends!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Janstarblast - Dec. 17, 2011

Today is my official 'return date' but if people would have seen me, they'd realize that I was here almost all the time...
My love for beyblade couldn't keep me away from here! Tongue_out
Though I was absent for 2-3 days, the remaining 4-5 days, I was here. And, at the rate at which I posted (75 posts in the last 3 days), one would not believe that I was gone.
But yes, I was quite busy with stuff, but still managed to get sometime to check in here.
As we had examinations on alternate days, things were easier. So, yeah!
I am 'officially' back. Tongue_out

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - SamD. :) - Dec. 20, 2011

I need to leave for awhile. X-Mas craziness is getting to me. I will be back when I feel ready to come back. I will pop on and off, though I might not fully come back at all. A lotta pressure with my 2nd Geometry test right after last Friday's test.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Jaygrazer - Dec. 20, 2011

Im back, hopefully with a 3.7 GPA!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Evolution - Dec. 20, 2011

Oh, welcome back Jaygrazer(*ahem* Galaxy Jay! ;p )!! Grin

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - .:J:. - Dec. 20, 2011

I might not be so active, or might not be on at all some days for a very important which I shall discuss in one second. Some of you might have noticed I have given up on my beyblade story Senpuujin. this is mainly due to lack of interest or posts. alot of other writers have done the same. However I will be com,ing back, but for now I have some very important news. I have decided to start my own novel, which I will luckily get to publish sometime in the future, this will be a 300 page averaging style novel, so it is a very delicate situation,in trying to think up enough to fit that amount. so I am going to be typing alot of my story now, and since i'm only twelve it's going to take alot to make this good enough for publishing, and will not be done for maybe until halfway through next year, if i'm lucky and type everyday, so I will still be on here from time to time.


RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - SamD. :) - Dec. 20, 2011

At least it wasn't under 12 hours.
Edit: I'm back.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Hazel - Dec. 20, 2011

Stop doing that.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - SamD. :) - Dec. 20, 2011

Tired sorry...

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Synth - Dec. 23, 2011

With christmas near, in wont be able to go online tom. I am going to my province, and visit my Grandmother.

Merry christmas

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - Ga' - Dec. 25, 2011

I realize I haven't been on for a bit, I'm typing from my dad's iPhone right now. Just wanted to say that I'm in Great Wolf Lodge as of Friday, and won't be able to log in till Wednesday since wifi sucks hard here. See ya guys! If I somehow win the beat lynx/face booster in the placard contest bbefore wednesday, wait for me and I will claim it by the end of this week hah. Wink Have fun WBO!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - BlackAce - Dec. 27, 2011

Wow, I have been away for a while,haven't I?

I've had a lot of real-life stuff to deal with, that's dragged me away from things I enjoy. But now I have more than enough free time. It's good to be back!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - 桃太郎 - Dec. 28, 2011

Man, this is usually the first place I come to since I'm so on and off with the community and Beyblade. After realizing that Yu-Gi-Oh! is hurting the back pocket, I've decided to take a break from it.

I have been on as a Guest at times to see how things are, and with a myriad of new releases, I suppose I should catch up on my reading.

Tbh, I'm not sure where I'm heading with the hobby, but I'll be back online a bit more often to see how things are; the community is what I've missed more than the hobby itself.

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - GHOST-monkey - Dec. 29, 2011

hey im not that well known but i just what to say im gonna leave for a while hope you this site gets even better in a few days/next year. ok bye

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - BeybladeStation - Dec. 30, 2011

Sorry for leaving a bit, should be tip-top soon!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - TimelessOne - Dec. 30, 2011

Sorry about not informing, but I whet on holiday around 3 days ago. My parents woke up late, and we were in a hurry. You know what I mean? But luckily, today I found a library with Internet in the town I was living in. So yeah. I'll see you in 3-4 days!

RE: Going Away/Coming Back Topic - TimelessOne - Jan. 01, 2012

I'm back! Just letting you guys know. *sigh* I see I have tons of pages of info on new releases to read...