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Nov-05-2022: "Y'all ready for this?" tournament reports - DeceasedCrab - Nov. 05, 2022

The following are words I have to say about "Y'all ready for this?", a ranked MFB Limited tournament using P3C1 format.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. . I couldn't find an extended version, put it on loop. No, I don't know why it was running through my head during the tournament. Endure my good taste.

- We had 11 participatants, 1 group round robin, so everyone got at least 10 matches and we had a total of 71 matches, with 2 of those being for tiebreak.

- We started around 11:20. We were supposed to start around 11, but, eh. It went until about 2:20, running into the time set aside for the Burst Limited tournament. 2 stadiums being run. They were idle a bit of the time, but sometimes you don't feel like rushing. Perhaps we should've rushed a bit more.

- I'm still recovering from Long COVID. I'm tired. But it was good to go to a tournament.

- The weather was very nice. It was a bit windy but the temperature was in the mid-70s. I wore a sweatshirt with a brand I enjoy. Wasn't too warm. Wind disrupted things a little bit every now and then, at least it wasn't Zero-G.

- I have a mixed track record at MFL tournaments. In group round robin, I tend to make it to the finals. This time around it was one group, and we had a lot of serious contenders doing very well at MFL, so I'm not surprised I didn't make it.

- This was P3C1, and that means bringing 3 beys and choosing one. One of the more strategy focused formats. I'm not Great at strategy, and honestly, in MFL, there are too many gaps and situations you have to cover, you literally cannot do it all in 3 picks. But I've gotten better over the years and I'm starting to be more of a concern to the more serious bladers. I tended at first towards having a Flame 230CS, Meteo L-Drago F230CF, and an attacker (Wyang Bandid instead of Bandid Wyvang like I should have done).

- Earth SR200TB. Sounds crazy, right? It's not. It's good. RED NINJA 0829 was using it. He used it against me! So did bladekid. It works, I don't know what to tell you. It's a good balance type. It CAN be countered, vulnerable to some attack types, but it's still quite good.

- L-Drago on F230G/CF made a bit of a comeback during this tournament. I've been using it for years, but others started using it again. It's hard to argue with results. Sure, it has a lot of counters, to include Earth SR200TB, decent attack types, or even low track L-Dragos.

- After a couple of matches I saw that Maryland's MFL meta is definitely tending more towards attack types. We have a lot of people who are using them, successfully. So, I started using Earth 90RB in my decks. It's low, it's defensive, and it it a very decent counter. Won a match with it too I believe.

- LJ-Blader came up with an idea that I think adds a little spice to P3C1. See, I don't like P3C1 because it involves a lot of mindgames and strategy. I don't find that fun. But LJ suggested P3OC1. Pick 3, Oppoent chooses one of your beys. And you have to use it. So you want to bring 3 powerful beys to the match, plus they have to be beys you can use effectively, no more lying about being able to do attack launches when you can't. So you each have 3 beys visible, and you tell the judge in secret which of your opponents beys they will be using. It's a fun idea. I think it'll be tried soon.

- When it was finals time, it was tricky. The top 4 go to finals. Meow! went 9-1, a very solid showing. Friedpasta went 8-2, always well done. Red Ninja, 7-3. And then you had 3 people who went 6-4: The Supreme One, Bladekid, and Broyeeto. Broyeeto ended up winning both of his tiebreaker matches, and went to the finals.

- Broyeeto faced Meow in the semifinals, and it was an extremely close match: Meow was mostly using Leone R2F, which is... a choice! But it worked well. 5-4. Friedpasta beat Red Ninja. In the end, I believe it went Friedpasta in 1st, Meow! 2nd, Broyeeto 3rd, and RED NINJA 0829 4th.

- MFL's difficult. I'm not bad at it, it's just difficult, especially when you have 6 people in a single group performing at an extremely high level of play.

- I opted to skip the BSL tournament because 2 tournaments in one day is too much for me. Going to tomorrow's Teampalooza seems like enough of an issue as is, I'm gonna run out of energy!

A fun tournament! I hope I'll have some energy left for tomorrow. I'll do the best I can at that one.

RE: Nov-05-2022: "Y'all ready for this?" tournament reports - Zektor - Nov. 05, 2022

I love the idea of P3OC1, 10/10 would support.

RE: Nov-05-2022: "Y'all ready for this?" tournament reports - LJ-Blader - Nov. 05, 2022

I did a little testing on P3OC1 with in between tournaments and it requires both skill and strategy. I will do more testing at home and see what happens.

RE: Nov-05-2022: "Y'all ready for this?" tournament reports - CrisisCrusher07 - Nov. 06, 2022

The idea of P3OC1 was an idea geetster99 had a long time ago and that is where our current P3C1 stemmed from.

RE: Nov-05-2022: "Y'all ready for this?" tournament reports - Broyeeto - Nov. 06, 2022

For the tournament itself, screw went crazy, even sheer ko defense couldn’t hold up to it or lightning (which… idk that’s kinda rough basically someone made the right choice and did everything right Vs me but still lost which felt unfair) But! It was still the fast paced metal fight limited that everyone knows and loves so it was a good time.
For the p3oc1 thing…I don’t really like it… mostly because I would basically be forced to play stamina rather than attack, and stamina in bst and some other formats just isn’t enjoyable to use for me. It seems fine strategy wise, pick which beyblade of the opponents which would have the worst coverage compared to the existing pick best coverage, but this takes away a lot of freedom that the player has to try out new things just because your opponent doesn’t want you to.