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Full Version: Best looking dual/single layer
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I wanna know yours just by curiosity
I really like Wyvern and Victory Valkyrie
their design is so noice and I somehow feel nostalgia

Honorable mentions: Dark Deathscyther, Spriggan and Lost Longinus
Mine is definitely storm spriggan, and dark dokmscizor
I definitely like Zeutron and Doomscizor.
Definitely Nova Neptune, and it´s predecessor. Deathscyther and it´s evolution look really nice too, but Lost Longinus really takes me back lol.
O yeah, i also like Longinus
Xeno Excalibur. Honestly it looks BUITIFUL.
Phantazus P2
Xeno Xaiuclber and Victory Valkyrie were really good looking