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Full Version: Best evolution of Pegasus (Metal Fusion-Shogun Steel)
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From the metal series of Pegasus evoultuion goes:

 Storm Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasus

Samurai Pegasus

My favorite version and my favorite beyblade of all time is Galaxy Pegasus. what do you think?

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Storm, I love storm pegasis
Probally Samurai Pegasus
Storm is nostalgic, Galaxy was my first bey, Bigbang have awesome gimmicks, Samurai is OP in zero g stadium
Galaxy Pegasusis my favorite. He is like the strongest version of Pegasus
Big Bang Peagsus was actually the only Pegasus to shine a golden light out of all the Pegasus
Big Bang Pegasus was op and defeated diablo nemisis. But In real life Galaxy Pegasus knocked big bang out of the stadium and beat him like 5 to 2
Big Bang gimmick-wise, Samurai and Big Bang as well visual-wise, Storm and Galaxy nostalgia-wise.
Samurai Pegasus aint that bad. Just sucked he didnt battle more in Shogun Steel
Storm Pegasus in my opinion got defeated way to much
Say that to Galaxy's face
Galaxyis the best why?
The strongest has to be BigBang Pegasis
Galaxy is the best actually
I never said anything of the word "best" I said strongest
the strongest and best is Galaxy Pegasus. He took down my big bang pegasus in one hit.
Uh huh sure like thats true
yes it is. watch this video: copy and paste it into a url
the strongest out of them is bigbang pegasus but my favorite is galaxy pegasus its was my first beyblade
Realistically Big Bang is the best stock. But Samurai Pegasus can be made better if you get two of them and make Pegasus Pegasus W105R2F (This allows more weight without the finicky Final Drive in your way) Though it's recoil is "interesting."
Storm is the strongest and that’s a fact
The bey with the strongest Galaxy Nova is Storm Pegasus
Anime would be Big Bang because it literally WENT INTO SPACE and smacked into Nemesis.
Samurai Pegasus is real good except in anime it only battled twice. I wished it battle more times.
(Dec. 11, 2020  10:15 PM)EarthHelios Wrote: [ -> ]Samurai Pegasus is real good except in anime it only battled twice. I wished it battle more times.

Yeah, Samurai was underused. They probably did it so that people could guess the power of Samurai Pegasus.

Who knows, it might've been slightly more powerful than Big Bang since it was made from it.
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