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Full Version: Anime and Manga Discussion Thread
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Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer every Sunday putting out banger episodes...I can't 🥲
Here’s my One Piece theory (spoilers if you’re not caught up to the manga)
Waiting for Madoka Magica movie. It has been so long.
I'd have to say that while Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is my favorite anime/manga in general, in terms of storytelling Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood definitely is the best. The worldbuilding, reveals, the amazing fights and more made me fall in love with this anime!
(Mar. 15, 2022  2:31 AM)GHero Wrote: [ -> ]Here’s my One Piece theory (spoilers if you’re not caught up to the manga)
Oh snap, time to cause a riot. Here are my hot takes on anime/manga:

1. Itadori is a better character than Denji.
2. Sasuke gets too much hate for no reason.
3. Half of the female characters in anime are annoying because of three things: sexism towards guys, saying the word "pervert" too much, or hitting the male protagonist for no reason.
4. Isekai need to stop existing for a while.
5. Takamitchy is not a relatable protagonist.