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Full Version: Bethnal Green/East London Meet or Tourney?,
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i know but atleast more people can than didnt
Who turned up
me lee , megablader and dranzerblaze
catslikeeggs, me, leedraciel and dranzerblaze
i just wrote that dude lol
the weather was good and thats always a plus
hey you guys i went to the park and i couldn't see you lot and victoria park is massive so where where you guys
omg there was a map dude lol

i txted u twice
i looked all over the park and you said to meet over the canal or somefin and i looked all over
well obviously not since you didn't find us. We were behind the bushes near the bit with construction work. Much more sensible thing would have been to have called or texted catslikeeggs.
yeah i guess so but maybe next time you lot
Well today was ok i spose, well done to the people that actually turnt up. The reason we held this was because there was loads of interest in a previous thread, then nobody wanted to come after they all said they would. Anyway we had a good laugh and built dranzerblaze828 a good combo so today wasn't a total waste, and catslikefail i seriously suggest investing in some new blades lol
yeah lol his blade totally got damaged quite although it wasn't in great condition to begin with.
yesterday was cool and thanks guys for helping to make a good combo for me. And yup yesterday was funny when catslikeggs beyblade kinda got ruined. I dont know how the heck he could of trashed his face, track and bottom XD

But yeah also ty Megablader for the sale of Dark Wolf another new metal fight for my collection lol. I finally decided what to order next now:

Earth Virgo
Earth Aquila
Launcher Grip with white grip rubber
Metal face and suspension set

Now if only i can convince my dad to order them for me lol

Also be cool to meet up again and have some more beybattles and its going to be cool when the main tourney is held at the end of May i should attend that i hope
omg lee stop plz
lol nah its alright
my stamina defence and attack and balance reshuffle sets came today so yeah i have
and that was really cool yesterday
great fun
im getting the tournament itch again lol
and i had to saw off my track
but my face is ok and thats all that matters
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