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Full Version: Bethnal Green/East London Meet or Tourney?,
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It's on saturday the 10th. This may not be final though It's a bit selfish to ask to change the date just because you can't make it. This has been in planning for about a week now so you're just late.
i think we should keep it on the 10th because its a good date and lots of people have got stuff to do after the 10th
I made the buying selling thread. Put all inquires about sales in here. Here's a link:
how many stadiums are there going to be
Well i have my attck type stadium and Linh has his stamina type stadium so two at this present time
ok i guess that's enough but will there be any prizes
would like it at st james park...
Othrwize cant make it...
Also if it is, is anyone sellin pre hws virgo and libra???
Are you asking whether it will be a tournament or not? At the moment it is undecided since it is not sure how many people will be going.
Shouldn't this be updated soon, we've got less than 5 days now.
i know but lees probably working on it u know i swear in the op there are enough people on the list to make it official correct me if im wrong
Yes there are I guess Lee is still working on it.
What the Committee wishes is that you will all want to attend the tournament at the end of May even if this results in a tournament too. We do not want Bladers around London to be tired of tournaments.

If you have enough members attending with certainty and that they would readily go to both tournaments, let this be a tournament then. However, from the replies I have seen, they only think about the present ...

Having a tournament in the United Kingdom at the end of May is quite important; perhaps this is a hint.
another tournament i cant make -sigh-
Thanks for clearing that up Kai-V, so yeah as been said a main tourney should be held at the end of may. This was aranged because alot of people from the east of london and the surrounding area were interested in having a meet. Therefore a tournament was proposed as it seemed that there would be enough people and we would have a chance of earning some faces aswell.

As it stands we have 9/10 members say they can attend in the poll but only 7 are actually confirmed so i have sent a pm to everyone to see if we actually have enough for a tourney, if not then this will have to remain as a meet. Eiver way we can still have a laugh and some good battles, they just won't be ranked and faces won't be given out.

I will post the full details tomorrow evening after people have had a chance to get back to me, time, location, maps, meeting point and all other info will be up. Thanks for your patience.
this is gonna be so kool but where do u think the best place to meet is
i was thinking the pavillion its got a shelter and and benches but its u choice lee
good luck man were all behind u
Ok the OP has been updated sorry for the late reply, was waiting for more people to get back to me, hopefully more do still. We need one more person as my friend may be able to make it up to 9 if we need him.
You didn't send me a PM. Were you sending them to everyone or what?
nah i think he sent it to the people he was usure were coming
(Apr. 01, 2010  5:47 PM)megablader2 Wrote: [ -> ]It's on saturday the 10th. This may not be final though It's a bit selfish to ask to change the date just because you can't make it. This has been in planning for about a week now so you're just late.
lol dude i was just saying it seemed a bit late notice compared to other tourneys on the WBO.
this tourney is going to be so cool and will the flight yellz be there
Since he's not on the list for people coming I don't think so. Also for anyone who hasn't looked at the buying/selling thread i'm selling a DEMS too now.
i like dems but i haven't got a launcher or rip cord for it if i buy it off you
Ok everyone look forward to seeing you tomorrow, should be a good day
Anyone who's buying from me i'll be the guy wearing a green hoddy.
Was fun although I wish more than 4 people including myself has bothered to come.
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