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Full Version: Which One? Cho Z Spryzen? Or Cho Z Valtreyk
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I prefer Cho Z Spryzen 
due to it's extreme balance
(Feb. 10, 2019  2:28 AM)Prime Viper Wrote: [ -> ]I prefer Cho Z Spryzen 
due to it's extreme balance

Both are great.
Both are great to have if it's for attack valkyrie takes it , but if you want more versatility spriggan takes it .
Cho-Z spryzen for sure eventhough I dont rlly like either of them. -Avery
Cho Z Valkyrie because it is literal OP
Cho-z spriggen
Depends Competitive Or casual.
Competitive both are great but I’d say spriggan by a small margin
Casual aids say Valkyrie because it is very fun to use when awaking Evolution, And the crazy attack, Spriggan is awesome too tho.
Thatcher being said fully warn evolution is good with cho z Valkyrie, also good for competitive
Valkrie is my fav, but Spriggan is definantly better competitively.
Cho Z Spryzen is the way to go if your competing in a tournament and you have to choose between the two.