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Full Version: CoroCoro News February 2018: Duo αeclipse, Gold Dragoon F, Jashin Legend Spriggan
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Hey World Bladers! We know we’re a little bit late on this, but we wanted to start getting back into the habit of providing a Beyblade and CoroCoro news summary every month for you guys, complete with high resolution scans. Moving forward, we will aim to get the scans for the latest issues posted sooner.


[Image: TpK6ryI.jpg]

Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt – Black Version
Not only was Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt the 100th Beyblade Burst release, but it also turns out that each copy of it comes with a chance of pulling a recoloured version! Black recolours of the Bey were randomly inserted into the packages, with a 1 in 72 chance of pulling one from a regular box. It is currently only available in this random insert method, so good luck getting one!

Gold Strike God Chip & Silver Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt Lottery
Also shown is the Ultimate God Guidebook, which retails for ¥750 and includes a gold version of the Strike God Chip. Also in this guide is an exclusive lottery for a silver recolour of Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt

[Image: Io6YneW.jpg]

Dragoon F.G.V – WBBA Store Version is Releasing on March 3rd
Dragoon F.G.V is a mail order Beyblade which was available for purchase in January’s CoroCoro and costs ¥1200. It was the only method of obtaining Dragoon F Burst version up until the very recent announcement of the white Dragoon F being released as a booster, available at WBBA Certified Stores starting March 3rd.

[Image: BBG_14.png]

[Image: lOxBUmj.jpg]

CoroCoro Beyblade Burst Design Contest Winner: Duo Eclipse
The Beyblade from the CoroCoro Design Contest has been confirmed to be Duo Eclipse! The God Ability of this Beyblade is the ability to combine halves of the Layer into one new one! This unique ability currently only works with the layers included (Duo Artemis and Duo Apollon). The parts included are 7Star and Unite.

The Beyblade will be available for its exclusive mail order in CoroCoro’s March issue for ¥1400, which makes it the most expensive mail order Beyblade in the Beyblade Burst series. This is also different than other releases as all purchases qualify as an entry for a special lottery! Two lucky winners will receive 10 of the CoroCoro lottery recolours.

[Image: D1PvlKm.jpg]

Winter World Hobby Fair 2018: Jashin Legend Spriggan Layer, Gold Spriggan Requiem, and G1 Tournaments
The Winter World Hobby Fair 2018 has been happening across Japan for the past few months! There were many exciting Beyblade festivities, including a chance at obtain a Jashin Legend Spriggan Layer! To win this, players faced off against Legend Spriggan Infinite in the Mugen BeyStadium and required to beat Legend Spriggan with two points. Available for purchase is a gold recolour of B-100 Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt, which is exclusive to World Hobby Fair venues.

It didn’t stop there as G1 tournaments were held at each stop (?), with the prizes including:
- Gold God Valkyrie (1st place)
- Silver God Valkyrie (2nd place)
- Bronze God Valkyrie (3rd place)

[Image: 4XmKfMk.jpg]

B-102 Booster Twin Nemesis.3H.Ul – New Disk and Frame, and a Re-release of tN and Ultimate Reboot!
Other news for this month includes the release of B-102 Twin Nemesis.3H.Ul, which includes the prize Layer from Random Layer Collection 7, as well the Ultimate Reboot Driver, which was previously exclusive to CoroCoro. Included as well are two new parts, the 3 core disk and Hit frame.

[Image: TN_3H_Ul.png]

Strike God Valkyrie.6V.Rb. – Flame Knight Version Lottery Announced
A new lottery for CoroCoro has also been announced which is for the Flame Knight version of Strike God Valkyrie.6V.Rb.

Big thank you to Hato for his work in putting this together! Smile I've missed having these summary posts. Looking forward to seeing them more frequently from now on.
Beautifully put together. Thanks for the post! Looking forward to more of these.
Thanks a lot Hato! Looking forward to more.
I love these! CoroCoro beys are so pretty tho Tongue_out
Thanks for this Hato! I always wanted to know what G1 prize will be
i want those gold beys how do you get them
Can you enter into the raffles / prize draw / whatever if you’re in a different country?
(Apr. 24, 2018  12:42 PM)leosama Wrote: [ -> ]Can you enter into the raffles / prize draw / whatever if you’re in a different country?
No. It's for Japan beybladers only..
Lol, all good things happen in Japan.
(Apr. 24, 2018  12:42 PM)leosama Wrote: [ -> ]Can you enter into the raffles / prize draw / whatever if you’re in a different country?

Sadly no. But you can win an online contest and then ask SamuraiBuyer to receive it and then give it to you.