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Full Version: Worklist #2 - HWS is the priority!
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I'm calling Big Bang Pegasis.Still working on it.Can anyone add anything useful to my Meteo L-Drago draft?
he doesn't have concrete info on that though.
Th!nk doesn't?
Everything he said there is true. He has more CS' than I do!
Trust me, it is correct what he is saying.
Lol, I mean that just because that's the case for one person (even if he has like, 3 of each) doesn't mean that's concrete. Maybe we should open a topic to figure this out? I think it'd need to come from more than one member for it to be certain. Nothing against Th!nk though.

Maybe a poll that would have this:

-TT/S Starter CS was Aggro or Calm

-Ray Unicorno Booster was Calm, possibly Agg

We would list all of those, then put an option saying 'My CS didn't fit into the movement category that was started for it.'

Or maybe I'm just an idiot lol. (jtsu anyone?). I'd just rather see what everyone says.
.. no.
I agree with what he has written because I have Starter and Booster Ray and know someone with SK.
Starter is more aggressive, Booster is more defensive and SK was also a tad aggressive yeah.

Lol, then "I'm jtsu an idiot". I just thought it would be better to get everypeople to post about it, even though I do believe him.
in hell kerbecs secrion, add the mold variations, vulcan horuseus add in the RBV7 horuseuses.
I don't think it would hurt to have more widespread agreement on CS mold variations.
Agreed, anyways, trying to get kei to look over my draft.

I guess he's busy. Ill try making mire drafts
Hey, perhaps this could be turned into a checklist of Drafts that are done, but need Kei's approval, rather than everyone PMing Kei? Obviously Drafts that are agreed to be ready would be posted here.

It'd be easier for me at least, and I could only imagine how much easier it'd be for the person actually writing the draft, as well as Kei.

Otherwise this topic doesn't really have much of a need.
Does anyone mind if I call working on Cyclone/Tornado Herculeo? I picked it up the other day, and feel like trying it out.
(Oct. 18, 2011  4:45 PM)Orichalcon Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone mind if I call working on Cyclone/Tornado Herculeo? I picked it up the other day, and feel like trying it out.

Make sure to read this. So, if there are no threads for Tornado Heracleo/Herculeo already, yes, you can make a topic for it.
i was wondering if i could help with the project and if so which beyblades still need to be done
The ones that aren't on BeyWiki, haha. Read the post above yours if you help though.
I think it's high time we create an article for the specifications of mfb parts (metal wheel, clear wheel, track, bottom). It would be just a simple list of weights + dimensions (thickness / height, diameter, etc)

I already have an extensive list covering this subject.

Do you guys think it's worthwhile doing this? I could start a thread to get the ball rolling, and people can add in their weights as time passes. Similar to the Weights of MFB thread, but only in Wiki format of course.
Yeah me and Arupaeo were talking about that in Random Thoughts, but he never posted the Topic! You should just go ahead and he'd probably add his.
Alright then. Which format would you guys prefer?

The CW format or the MW format? (Click to View)
The Metal Wheel one. It's much easier on my eyes.
If the length of the article is not a concern with the Metal Wheel format, I'll get on it. Just a precaution though, it will get very long, considering there would be MW + CW + Track + Bottom + 4D (PC Frame + Core + Metal Frame) + Molds (if any) + Maker.


Also, what is the correct term? Is it Height or Thickness? I'm leaning towards Height myself, although TakaraTomy says Thickness.
Hmm, I guess it's not really worth it when you think of it that way.

I think doing the Clear Wheel format with Bolded and whatever you choose would be best then?
Hmm. I think I'll hold off on this first, and figure out the best format beforehand. Time to learn 'tables' in Wiki format I guess.
I'd say thickness.

Hmm, we could look at this two ways:
Say we wanted thickness, it's be from where it would touch a flat object on the bottom to the very highest it reaches. (or just use a micrometer, haha)
Say we wanted height, it'd be from where the Track attaches to the Metal Wheel to the very highest it reaches.
As an example, basalt and Flame. Basalt is lower down on tracks, whereas Flame isn't. Say the had the same thickness (obviously they don't though), but the height would be different.

Did I explain that well?
I'm going to start doing Death Quetzalcoatl as soon as I can, and soon to start something like Duo Uranus.

Actually, on that topic, should something like Duo Uranus require its own draft? For it is in a set..
Blitz Unicorno 100RSF got its own article, and it was part of a set.
We should probably have a limit on how many articles a single user can have going on at one time..
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