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Full Version: Worklist #2 - HWS is the priority!
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Maybe 3 or 4? I'd say that's reasonable.

Is a Midnight Bull 125SF article needed? Just asking because I've seen a draft of Torch Aries and Cyber Pegasis (Legend).
I'd say 2 is..
It's a great idea, and as for how many, how about just 1? It keeps whoever's writing it focused.
(Nov. 27, 2011  3:12 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]We should probably have a limit on how many articles a single user can have going on at one time..
I totally disagree with that. I'm doing fine with two drafts open, no arguments in the past. That's damned over.

That's just a shady idea that will not cause any productiveness. It's pretty sad that it seems to be frowned upon by you (the fact of having more drafts active at the same person), especially when this means getting a better statuses for this place.

Dude chill yo flames down. Let everyone have a damn chance to write an article. You can't keep constantly making a new draft everytime a beyblade comes out. Don't be so selfish man, that'll just lead you to more arguments and rants. I agree with Dan btw. Good suggestion Dan Smile
Anyone mind if I start a Hyper Aquario draft? I checked and there isn't a draft for it.
If there isn't a draft, write one.
That goes for any bey. There isn't a need to ask.

Thank you Rotation.
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